The November Face

I haven’t done one of these in almost a year, so I’ve decided to resurrect the feature, as I’ve been playing around with my daily look a fair bit this month. For some reason I’ve been gravitating towards a bronze eye and deep burgundy lips. It’s not my usual look but it’s what my brains been doing on auto pilot at 8am!

The November Face

The November Face

The stars of the show in November have to be Chopper by Urban Decay (in the Naked 2 palette), Rimmel’s Moisture Renew Clear lip liner and Rimmel’s Starry eyed lipstick.

I begin my priming my eyes with the Rimmel exaggerate primer and curling my lashes with a Superdrug lash curler. I then apply chopper all over the lid, focusing on placing it more in the crease and dragging the remaining shadow over the rest of the lid. It’s a nice and easy way to do a one wash, defined eye. After that I’ve been skipping my liner and going straight from tonnes of mascara. I’ve been rotating my beloved scandal eyes extra black with one from Eyeko.

When the eyes are done, I move onto concealing my face. I do the eyes first a chopper has glittery bits in which tend to fall down.  I’m still using the Collection lasting perfect concealer. After that I power my T-zone with Rimmel’s Stay Matte powder and highlight my face with the Collection speedy highlighter. For a tiny bit of contour and bronze I use Rimmel matte sun shimmer bronzer in the hollows and bottom of my cheek bones, along my jawline and around my forehead. For blush I use Benefits Rockateur, as it gives a hint of colour and a lot of glow!

Finally, I outline and colour in my lips with the moisture renew lip liner and go over the top with Starry Eyed. This lip liner is amazing! It improves the longevity of my lipsticks and because it’s clear you only need one lip liner instead of 50!

So voila! There’s the make up I’ve been wearing for most of the month. It’s nice to go outside of your comfort zone and switch things up a bit now and again.

What’s your FOTD been in November?


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