Happy New Year Everyone! I hope that 2014 was good to you and that 2015 will be even better 🙂

As breaking my resolution, not to make any, last year was a success (kind of) I thought I would carry on this year and put them on the Internet to force myself into doing them.  I love reading these posts, so if you have done one too, link me up in the comments!

2015 Resolutions


1 – Continue With Last Years Resolutions 

A resolution is for life , not just for Christmas… or so to speak. I’m determined to keep up with my resolutions from last year and slightly improve on them. I’ll be trying to amp up the healthy, do more things that scare me and find some more time for me! 

2 – Say Yes More! 

It’s surprising how much more fun life is when you say yes! This kind of goes hand in hand with last years ‘do more things that scare me’ resolution.  This year I want to live life to the full and experience as much as possible.  

3- Exercise 

This was my failed resolution from last year. I do want to exercise, I just need to find something I like doing, or the motivation to do something I don’t like! 

4 – Be Happy

Lame, but it doesn’t matter where you are, who you are with or what you are doing in life, as long as you’re happy. I need to learn to be happy and that’s it’s ok to be happy and let your guard down every now and again. I can still be a pessimist, just a happier one!

What are your resolutions?




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