2016 Resolutions

2015 has been a whirlwind, I still can’t believe that it’s 2016! It’s funny how much quicker time goes when you’re working. When I was at school and uni it felt like the years properly dragged on.  Anyhow, as it’s a new year I thought it was about time to do my annual resolutions postLast year’s resolutions were somewhat successful, I said yes more, I was definitely happier and I made more time for myself. I tried a new exercise class for a while as well, which is the most I have done in a long time! I must get half a star for that one, right?!  On to my 2016 resolutions…

2016 Resolutions

 This year I plan on:

Carrying on the resolutions from previous years so they just become part of my normal life.

Regularly exercising –  I walk miles a day to and from work but I need to do something more on a regular basis. I tried Barre last year which I loved but I couldn’t keep it up due to timings and cost. I may look into more classes this year or just go swimming once or twice a month. We shall see!

Eat 5 a day everyday – I’ve been trying to do this for a few months now but I want to make a conscious effort to do this daily. It’s easy when you slip fruit into breakfast and opt for a healthy lunch, the weekends will be a challenge though! If anyone knows of any apps that could track this, or if you have any tips, then leave me a comment.

Find a hobby – I feel like I don’t have a hobby in the traditional sense, so this year I am determined to fall back in love with the things I used to do, or find something new and hopefully make some new friends along the way.

Push myself to be more sociable – I’m by no means a social butterfly and I doubt I will ever be but in 2016 I want to go out and do things more. Nine times out of ten I will enjoy myself when I get out, making myself go out, however, is the hard bit! I guess this is a follow on from say yes more in 2015’s resolutions.

I hope you all have a happy and healthy New Year 🙂

What are your 2016 resolutions going to be?



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