2017 Resolutions

Since 2014 I’ve been sitting down at the start of the year and writing down my resolutions, goals, hopes and dreams. By putting them out there I’d hoped that it would help me achieve them. I’d say it’s been pretty successful so far. This year I’m going to be more mindful about them. A new year might be a new chapter in the book of life, but it’s the hardest time to start something new. It’s freezing, dark and grey outside. The cold air may be refreshing when you’re all bundled up but it also makes you want to hibernate. This year if I haven’t managed to start any of my resolutions I will begin again in Spring, the season of new life and beginnings. So here are my 2017 resolutions and things I’d love to achieve this year.

2017 Resolutions

This year I will be more mindful about everything I do. I will be kinder to myself, indulge in the things that I love doing and be unapologetic about it. The latter will be the most difficult but I am sure it will come with time. I will think carefully about how I spend my time and what to invest it in. After a year or two of saying yes and discovering my likes and dislikes I now feel confident enough to say no to the things I won’t enjoy. Life is just too short. Oh and future Shelley, be nicer to yourself. If you fancy a weekend off of blogging go for it and if you want to sit and watch Gilmore Girls all day do it. It’s perfectly ok to relax.

I will be careful about how I spend my money. I’ve wanted to see the world for the longest time and this year I will figure out a way of doing that. I love a good latte on the way to work as much as the next person but is it worth it? If I’m spending time with others over a coffee, certainly. If I’m alone, probably not. Those few pounds may not seem like much but they add up. I dread to think how much money I frittered away in 2016 and what I could have done with it!

2017 Resolutions

2017 will be the year actually exercise and stop kidding myself that walking everywhere counts. Granted I’m moving around but it’s not the kind of exercise I want to do. I think I’d like to try some at home work out’s to begin with so if you have any favourites – let me know! If this is still on my to-do list in 2018 feel free to slap me!

I’d love to get back into sewing as well. I have the fabric, the thread, the patterns and all of the accessories (thanks to Kelly’s secret santa gift) so all I need to do is find the time to do it. How you ask? Well, I’m going to cut down to two posts a week on here. Whilst I’ve enjoyed the creative freedom of posting three times a week it sucks up too much of my weekend. Hopefully by posting twice a week, the quality  of my content will be better and I’ll have time to get on the sewing machine.

2017 Resolutions

Without being too ambitious and trying to make myself do too much, I’d like to read more. I always had my head in a book when I was younger and I loved to read. My law degree ruined the joy of reading for me, but that’s enough of that excuse! In 2017 I will read a couple of books or at least one.

Perhaps 2017 will be the year that I achieve all of my resolutions. I’m certainly hoping that it will be the year that I am kinder to myself too. So here’s to a year of achieving your dreams, finding a sense of balance and creating some fabulous memories.

What  are your 2017 resolutions or goals?



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