The 5 best takeaways in Norwich

You can’t beat a good takeaway once in a blue moon. Whether you’re exhausted after a long day, just can’t be bothered to cook or need something a little comforting, a takeaway is one of life’s little luxuries. Admittedly the words takeaway and luxury rarely go hand in hand, but getting someone to cook and deliver food to you at the push of the button, really is! Over here in Norwich we really a spoilt for choice, there are some fantastic takeaways and restaurants cooking up a storm, here are the 5 best takeaways in Norwich.

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Chinese – Hong Kong Fusion

I’ve yet to find a Chinese that compares to this one, which is rather annoying as I no longer live in the area. So, if you live in the Golden Triangle, you’re in luck, if you live elsewhere, I’m sorry! Hong Kong Fusion don’t offer delivery; however, you can ring up to order and then collect your food. Honestly, that’s the only downside to that place! 

I dread to think how many portions of chilli salt chips; chilli salt ribs and Kwai Dew I’ve eaten over the years, but I have no regrets! What I really love about this place is the quality of the food. The word takeaway may conjure up images of oily, greasy food, however it’s not the case here. Everything I’ve ever eaten has been absolutely delicious and packed full of flavour. I haven’t been left with that greasy gross feeling afterwards, either.

The takeaway is run by a lovely family and everyone I’ve spoken to there has been really friendly and helpful. They always answer any questions about ingredients and can often emit ingredients from some of their dishes if you ask.

Call 01603 622851 or drop by 166a Unthank Road (on the corner of Unthank and Bury Street) 

Fish and Chips – Orford Plaice

Orford Plaice is one of the few fish and chip shops that do gluten-free fish and chips every day. Admittedly, the best place to eat fish and chips is by the sea, but if you fancy a cheeky Friday night chippy tea you can find these guys on Deliveroo. Expect all of your classic chip shop favourites as well as meals for kids and deals for senior citizens.

Indian – Lucky Tandoori 

Over the last few years, Lucky Tandoori has become my go-to for Indian food. No matter what I’ve ordered I’ve always been really impressed, and the same goes for anyone I’ve been eating with. From the mildest of dishes to the ones that will blow your head off they have you covered. In fact, the menu is so comprehensive, choosing is the hardest part. What I really like about their menu is they make ‘customising’ your dish easy – simply choose the kind of dish you want and then select the meat, fish or vegetables. There’s no need to google the dishes either as the descriptions are great.

Favourites include the Pasanda (a creamy coconut-based dish with sultanas, Malaya (a tropical mild & creamy dish cooked with pineapple) and Saag (medium spiced dish with spinach). The bhajis are rather addictive and they offer a good range of set dishes, too.

Order on their website, call 01603 762555 or 01603 762700 or order on Just Eat.

Voodoo Daddies Pizza - one of the 5 best takeaways in Norwich

Pizza – Voodoo Daddies 

I’ve said before and I’ll say it again; Voodoo Daddies make the best pizza in town. It’s not your ordinary pizza joint – the flavours and toppings are out of this world and there are options for everyone. So, if you’re gluten-free (like me) vegetarian, pescatarian or vegan they will have something for you. (Oh, and if you like your pizza a little more ‘ordinary’ they have a small section of simple classics like margarita and pepperoni to please everyone.)

My favourites include the Pig and the Pineapple (pulled pork and smoked cola bacon) The Little Mermaid (garlic prawns, avocado puree with red onions and roasted pepper on a garlic base) and Fat Elvis (smoked bacon, chicken, brie and cranberry.) Even I’m on the more boring side of the menu! Mac and Cheese fans will adore Return of the Mac, Carnivores and spice lovers will find Hello my Name is the Beast heavenly and you can even get cheeseburgers, fish fingers and fried chicken on your pizza.

Then there’s the dirty fries, wings and deep-fried pizzas – it really is the stuff of dreams.  

Order via Just Eat, call  01603 660250 or swing by the Rocky Mountain Pizza Project on Prince of Wales Road.

Sushi – Ciscoes 

Ciscoes make the best Sushi in the city. Quite frankly it puts most places to shame, which is why I was a little over excited to discover they delivere. Price-wise it’s on the higher end of the takeaway spectrum, however, it’s worth it for the quality of the food.

Whether you are vegan, vegetarian or gluten-free, they have something for you. The dishes are always fresh, and everything is locally sourced. The wide-ranging menu offers everything from Miso, to Futomaki, Teppanyaki and epic Sushi platters. I always opt for the latter as they give you a little taste of everything. My favourites include the Tokyo Tower, Full on Futomaki and Manilla Madness.

It’s a sushi lovers dream! You can order on Just Eat. 

Granted, a takeaway isn’t always the healthiest option, but life’s all about balance, right? With so many amazing takeaways and restaurants delivering in Norwich it would be a crying shame to not take advantage occasionally. Which of the 5 best takeaways in Norwich is your favourite?

P.S. If you fancy earning a little bit of cashback with your takeaway, click through to Just Eat via Quidco*, something I do every time I order.

*Referral link used – This means that if you sign up, I’m given a reward – something available to all members of Quidco and it won’t affect your purchase in any way.

Disclaimer – please note that I’m gluten free, but not a Coeliac, so please check with the restaurants or takeaways before ordering. 


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