5 Healthy Lunchbox Snacks

If there’s one thing I love, it’s food. I’m one of those people who is always thinking about their next meal. During the week I’m never too far from a little lunchbox snack. According to research by Kanar Worldwide, I’m not alone – adults have consumed an extra 100 million lunch boxes in the last two years. With the price of food rising I can completely understand why people are turning to the humble packed lunch. I, for one, have always been a fan! During the summer I’m a salad gal and during the winter I’m all about the soup. I always have three portions of fruit packed and plenty of snacks. In an ideal world I would make my own snacks, but sometimes there just aren’t enough hours in the day. So today I’m sharing 5 healthy lunchbox snacks.

5 Healthy Lunchbox Snacks

Eat Real Snacks

5 Healthy Lunchbox Snacks

It’s near on impossible to choose my favourite variation of these snacks. Essentially, they are like a tastier and healthier version of crips. They’re pulse and grain based and are gluten and lactose free and are suitable for vegan and Kosher diets. Both the lentil and quinoa chips taste light, crunchy, wholesome and satisfying. The hummus chips are to die for! If you’re a hummus lover, dip them into a pot of onion hummus and you’ll be in heaven. They have recently brought out veggie straws which are made from kale, spinach and tomato and which are equally as delicious as the original favours and great for dipping. Flavour wise they have everything from a classic sea salt, to a divine chilli and lemon, sour cream and chive, sundried tomato and roasted garlic and more!

Fun fact – they contain 48% less fat than your standard bag of crisps, so if you’re a crisp lover looking to kick the habit, I’d definitely make the switch. When I eat a bag of these I feel satisfied and full, rather than disappointed, gross and hungry!

Nakd Bars

5 Healthy Lunchbox Snacks

Who knew blended dates could taste so good? These well known snack bars are perfect for when you’re craving something sweet but healthy. They are gluten, wheat and dairy free, so are perfect for vegans or those with dietary requirements. They also contain no added sugar, which is a bonus. You can pick them up in most shops too, so they are the perfect thing to grab if you’re out and about. I’m currently obsessed with the peanut delight flavour, it’s a blend of peanuts, dates and sea salt and tastes divine. It’s like being transported to peanut heaven every time you take a bite!  The cocoa twist is also delicious  – I love this when I need a chocolate fix. Did I mention that they are one of your five-a-day too?

Yes, you can make your own version of these, but I’ve tried before and epically failed – I don’t think anything will ever compete with these. You can also buy Nakd bites and posh bits which are equally as delicious. 

Trek Chunks

5 Healthy Lunchbox Snacks

For when I need something more substantial or on hungry days when I’m in need of a protein fix, I reach for my Trek chunks. The original trek bars are protein flapjacks and as the name suggests these are flapjack like chunks. They are made from oats, nuts, raisins and various other ingredients depending on the flavour. You might sense a theme, but the cocoa peanut peak is my favourite. They have captured the perfect balance of chocolate, peanut butter and crunch in one little bite. They are gluten and dairy free, contain no added sugar or syrup and are one of your five a day too.

Whitworths Shots

5 Healthy Lunchbox Snacks

These little shots of fruit, seeds and little chocolate chunks are perfect for that 3pm snack. Granted the addition of chocolate probably makes them the naughtiest snack on this list, but it does stop me from raiding the work biscuit tin! They are also handy for slipping into your handbag, as they are so small. The orange and chocolate seed shot is my favourite, it kind of reminds me of a Terry’s chocolate orange. It hits the spot nicely when I’m craving something sweet. The berry and white chocolate comes in a close second, you really can’t beat the flavour combination.


5 Healthy Lunchbox Snacks

Last but not least – Propercorn! You can’t beat a bag of Popcorn for a healthy-ish snack. Granted, the perfectly sweet flavour pictured isn’t the healthiest flavouring, but I ate the rest before I took pictures. It does however use unrefined fair-trade cane sugar, which is slightly better for you, I suppose. My other faves are the spicy Worcester sauce and sun dried tomato flavour, peanut butter and almond and the sweet and salted mix. At just over 100 calories per serving it isn’t too bad either. It’s also gluten and wheat free, GM free and suitable for vegans. (Some of the flavours do contain milk powder so check the packet if you are vegan.)

There we have it – my 5 healthy lunchbox snacks. It goes without saying but I don’t eat all of these at once. I have them on a weekly rotation and I eat them as part of a healthy and balanced diet. If I’m being completely honest these snacks are the most processed my diets gets. Just to paint a picture, I’ll have one of these snacks between 10-11am, I eat my soup/salad around 12:30 and snack on my fruit for the rest of the afternoon. If I’m heading to an event after work I’ll probably scoff another packet around 5pm!

What are you favourite lunchbox snacks?


You can buy all of these snacks from the supermarket or online at Ocado.


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