5 Things I Learnt This Summer

Sometimes life can feel like you’re running a back to back marathon long steeplechase. (Can you tell I grew up on the Athletics track?)  Occasionally you get a nice little rest stop, where you can look back and reflect. This Summer has been has been a blur, full of learning and changing – who said that was for kids eh? So today I thought I’d share the 5 things I learnt this Summer.

5 Things I Learnt This Summer

1 – Always Remember to Be Yourself – There will be people in life who test you and provoke you into portraying a characteristic you dislike. Take a deep breath, take a step back and know that it’s only temporary. You need good people in your life that support and encourage everything you do. Those that don’t won’t be around for long and that’s perfectly fine. Always be yourself and you’ll find that most people will love that; besides everyone else is taken!

2 – It’s About Memories, Not Possessions – That handbag, those shoes; it’s easy to get caught up in materialism. Everyone wants to look nice and own nice things. But, in the grand scheme of things it’s the memories and experiences you had with people that you’ll treasure. Those coveted items will be forgotten in time. I mean, who really wants one amazing bag and to have to stay in for the rest of the month missing out on fun times with loved ones? It’s all perspective baby.

3- Money spent On Travel or Culture Is Never Wasted – There’s never been a truer word spoken! Travel and culture will open your mind, change you and give you a greater perspective on life. I have some incredible memories of Split last year and Amsterdam this year and I know I’ll treasure the memories from future adventures. There’s nothing more amazing than discovering how others live. Even if it’s not to dissimilar to our culture, it’s fascinating. As my Mother always says – there’s nowt’ stranger than folk.

4 – It’s Ok To Treat Yourself – It turns out treating yourself doesn’t make you some kind of high maintenance Princess, it’s actually nice. There’s nothing wrong with spend money on a little treat here and there.  I’ve developed a little rule of it’s ok to pay for things you can’t do or create yourself, as long as it doesn’t stop you from making memories.

5 – Fake Tan Isn’t A Bad Thing – I’m basically a ghost and it really bothers me in the summer. My legs reflect the sun and I get asked if I’m ill. Fun times. This year I decided to take the edge of off my whiteness, and brave something with gradual tan in. Luckily I don’t look like a cheesy wotsit! In fact I look ‘healthy’ or like I’ve been on holiday. It’s nice to go out and not be paranoid about my legs too. I have discovered that this tanning thing isn’t as easy at it looks though!

It’s good to look back a reflect on the things you’ve discovered sometimes, isn’t it?  The 5 things I learnt this Summer may seem a little random and obvious to some, but we’re all different and we learn different things at different periods in our lives. It’s one of the things that makes us unique.

What have you learnt this summer?



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