5 Things to do in Boa Vista

Sun, sea, sand and an incredibly relaxed pace of life are just some of the best things about Boa Vista. Being completely honest, there isn’t an awful lot to do there, which is fine, as long as you’re expecting it! If you need a break and crave vitamin D it’s one to add to your ‘to travel’ list. Boa Vista means beautiful view on Portuguese, they have a no stress attitude here. Granted the island isn’t without its faults – it’s still very much a developing place, they haven’t finished all of the roads and running water and electricity have only just been installed in some of the small villages. In spite of that there’s still enough to do to break up the long days laying by the beach. So here are 5 things to do in Boa Vista.

5 Things to do in Boa Vista



5 Things to do in Boa Vista

 It would be rude not to embrace their no stress lifestyle! We visited in September and it was around 30 degrees every day.  So it was the perfect weather for lying around and reading a book. We had multiple swimming pools in our resort so we found a quiet corner overlooking the beach and devoured book after book. It was bliss and very much-needed after a rather hectic year. I under estimated the amount that I would read so I’d recommend taking an e-reader or iPad with you as a back up!

Explore the beaches

Postcards From Boa Vista

Part of Boa Vista’s charm is its never-ending golden sandy beaches. All of the resorts are beachside, so you’ll never be far from one. Taking a stroll down the beach is nice way to break up the day, especially as the sun is setting. Boa Vista is home to turtles too, so if you visit in breeding seasons that might be restrictions as to where and when you can go for a walk. We discovered turtle tracks on the beach closest to our resort and a cow joined us at one point too!

Postcards From Boa Vista

The most famous beach on Boa Vista is Santa Maria. It has miles of white sand, the bluest water and is home to a shipwreck. The shipwreck itself was a lot smaller than I was expecting, but impressive nonetheless. The Santa Maria ran aground in 1968 and since then part of the ship has disappeared. The waves and current around the island are pretty strong, so it’s not surprising. It’s strange to think that the shipwreck won’t be there in ten years or so! In fact there’s another shipwreck at that beach, but you can’t see it anymore. Locals used to wave lights, guiding the ships into rocks so they could claim the cargo as their own. It’s somewhat of a hotspot for shipwrecks and turtles too. On our visit there were volunteers sleeping on the beach to make sure the turtles got to the sea un-harmed.

Head to the capital Sal Rei

5 Things to do in Boa Vista - Sal Rei

5 Things to do in Boa Vista - Sal Rei

Sal Rei is packed full of colourful, unfinished houses, cobbled streets and tourist shops. I’d highly recommend visiting here as part of a tour, the locals constantly come up to tourists trying to sell them souvenirs so there’s ‘safety’ in numbers! On our trip we visited the harbour, the local fish and vegetable market, a church and we had a good old wander. The highlight of tour had to be visiting the Migrante Guest House to sample local food and drink. We also visited one of their conservation projects – a shop that only sells produce from the Cape Verdean islands. It was like stepping back in time.

See the Turtles

5 Things to do in Boa Vista - Turtle tracks on the beach

Now, we didn’t actually do this, but it was a very popular activity amongst guests at our resort. Various tour companies run overnight trip to turtle conservation areas. Most of the tours run from midnight until the early hours. So if you’re a night owl – this one is for you!

Head out sea

Postcards From Boa Vista

I mentioned before, for the most part swimming is a not go in Boa Vista, so the best way to make the most of the water is to head out on a boat! We enjoyed an adults only catamaran cruise, complete with prosecco on our visit. It was wonderful to be able to see the island from a different perspective and relax with a different change of scenery. A few tours will pause for half an hour or so to allow snorkelling in calmer inlets of the ocean. Be careful though as the current is still strong! Fishing is incredibly popular here too, as is diving. So if either of them are your jam, you’ll love Boa Vista too!

So there we go my 5 things to do in Boa Vista. My favourites had to be the boat trip, exploring the capital and reading. I actually read four books whilst I was out there – which is a record for me! It’s usually a miracle if I read that many a year. Anyway if you’ve been to Boa Vista let me know what your favourite things to do were. If you haven’t already read my Postcards from Boat Vista blog, click here to see a bit more of the island.


We booked an all-inclusive package via TUI and booked in on their tours too.

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