5 Things To Love About Spring

It’s a funny time of year at the moment, lots of the trees are still bare and bland, the ground is muddy and patchy but some trees are starting to blossom and there’s colour appearing here and there. It’s not sunny all day and it’s oh so easy to get caught out in the April showers… or I should say storms this year! It is a magical time of year when things start to awaken and come into full bloom. So here’s 5 things to love about Spring.

5 Things - Spring

 Baby Animals – There’s something magical about seeing lambs hopping around luscious green fields and baby calves milling around. Oh and bunnies… bunny rabbits are the cutest. Can you tell I like animals?

Magnolia Trees – Or any blossom trees if I’m honest. I can’t get enough of the pink stuff. When I eventually own a house, there’s a magnolia tree going straight in that garden! They would make the coolest blog background too.

Pops of Colour Here & There  – I love little splashes of colour popping up through some dark muddy earth. Bluebells and daffodils are my favourites at this time of year. I love having them in the house too. There’s something refreshing about seeing new life spring up, it’s a little bit of hope after a long and cold winter!

The Sun On Your Skin – You can’t beat a good old bit of vitamin D. Everything is better when the sun is shining and you can feel some warmth on your skin. It’s the thing I miss most in Winter.

Fresh Air & Wanderlust – When it’s Spring I just want to get up and get out there and explore new places. there’s nothing worse then being cooped up, or frozen all winter. It gives you a fresh perspective and a new lease of life!

What are you favourite things about Spring?

A bonus one of mine is looking more normal when not wearing much make up because everyone is doing it ha!



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