5 Tips for Hassle Free Party Prep

December is almost upon us, which means that party season is finally here. Diaries are filling up fast, with parties being sandwiched between quick catch up’s and long days at work. It will all be over before we know it! After a busy day in the office the last thing you want to do is faff around and get ready to go out. But needs must – that rum won’t drink itself! Today I thought I’d share my 5 tips for hassle free party prep designed to help nail that pre-party routine!

5 Tips for Hassle Free Party Prep


Plan, plan,  plan! The more you plan in advance the easier the night will be. Work out what you’ll be wearing, make sure it’s clean and have a vague idea about your make up. We all have a couple of go-to party looks, so make it easy on yourself unless you have hours to spare! Figure out what time you need to leave and work backwards from there – you may even be able to schedule some chill time!

Magical Mani – There’s nothing that makes you look more put together than a good manicure. So invest in gel nails this party season. They last for 2+ weeks and it’ll save you time doing your nails. Opt for a classic shade that goes with the majority of your wardrobe. Or at least you go-to party outfits. If you’re in Norwich give Courteney or Chris a call.

Shower – A good hot shower cures everything! It will perk you up nicely and make you feel refreshed. Even 5 minutes will make a world of difference. Use your favourite products for a little treat and cover your body in a luxurious body butter when you step out of the shower.

Scents – They are rather magical really. They have the power to completely change your mood. If you’ve had a stressful day opt for something to de-stress you. If you’re tired opt for something to perk you up. Light a candle whilst you’re getting ready and let the aroma work wonders! The Coffee Candle from Berrys and Grey is my go to.

Bold Lip – A bold lip is your best friend! There’s just something about it paired with minimal make up that makes you look so put together. It’s perfect if you’re in a rush too and it’ll distract from those under eye bags too. I always opt for my perfect matte red lip – remember to layer, blot and use a liner to make it last all night long. more on that here. 

So there we have it –  5 Tips for Hassle Free Party Prep! Will you be giving them a go this party season?



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  1. 2nd December 2016 / 18:26

    Loving this! I need as much help as I can get ? X

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