#Glitterati | 5 ways to add a bit of sparkle into your life

A few weeks ago I was lucky enough to attend the Berrys & Grey Glitterati party, held in association with lots of fabulous local businesses. As the name suggests the theme of the evening was glitter! I was a little apprehensive as I like to wear black and blend into the background, but as the event drew nearer I well and truly embraced it. I’m now on a bit of a mission to include glitter in my everyday life…because why not?! So inspired by the fabulous event, here’s 5 ways to add a bit of sparkle into your life, all year round and not just at Christmas!

5 Ways to add a bit of sparkle into your life

1) Clothes – from the subtle to the all out!

5 Ways to add a bit of sparkle into your life

I wore this gorgeous sequined pinafore style dress is from Tobi. I love the fact that it’s a little bit oversized and super short. It gives me cute 60’s vibes. It is oh so comfortable to wear too, thanks to the cotton slip underneath. I paired it with some tights, my Marks and Spencer Shoes and a New Look Sheer Polo Neck. I think this Tobi dress would be great under a cropped jumper too. Alternately you could tuck it into a midi skirt and wear it as a top. I’ve got a feeling it’s going to become my new staple party dress.

Whilst browsing for glitter outfits I came across a couple of other gorgeous pieces that I didn’t end up buying. ASOS have some incredible sequinned cami’s, that can be worn alone or with a t-shirt underneath for a more casual look. Unfortunately, I’m about an inch to tall in the body for them to fit, but if you’re smaller than me (I’m 5ft 9”) they should fit like a dream. Next have a gorgeous sequin midi skirt in at the moment too.

Just for a little more inspo here’s how the total babes Laura Ellen Wright, Liv, Laura Stafford-Smith and Mollie added a bit of sparkle.

5 Ways to add a bit of sparkle into your life

Confidence is key! I must admit when I first tried the dress on I felt a little bit self-conscious (as I did walking through the city a 5pm with it on!)

Tips and tricks

Dutch courage aside, one of my favourite confidence boosting tricks is to pop on your favourite underwear underneath. I’m currently lusting after some of Ellice Lydia’s gorgeous made to measure pieces. I have my eye on the black lace Octavia Bralet.

5 Ways to add a bit of sparkle into your life

If you’re unsure of how to wear glitter in a way to suit you, book in for a styling session with the fabulous Louise Lace. This incredibly stylish lady offers both wardrobe detox’s and styling sessions. She also hosts a series of what to wear events at Vanilla.

If you need your confidence boosting in others ways, check out Mae Cosmetics who offer a range of advanced beauty treatments (brows and lashes) and non surgical procedures (Botox, fillers etc.)

2) Make up

Glitterati - 5 Ways to add a bit of sparkle into your life

A little bit of glitter make up can be a subtle way of incorporating glitter into your every day life. One of my favourite glitter make up bits is my Urban Decay Vice Special Effect Lipgloss in Litter. This glittery gloss dabbed over a pale or nude lipstick looks absolutely stunning. I’m not sure if you’re supposed to, but I also pat this over a smoky eye to give it a bit of a glittery shine. Speaking of eyes, I’m a huge Urban Decay eyeshadow lover, their Moondust eyeshadow in Scorpio is a great way of adding sparkle to a dark and smoky look. Finally, nails! I’m all about that metallic shine on my nails and this gorgeous shade is Fit For a Queen from Ciate. If you want to cheat at metallic nails, Primark have loads of good falsies.

Glitterati - 5 Ways to add a bit of sparkle into your life

Tips and Tricks

The foundation of every great make up look is good skin. I for one can vouch for this. I’ve been having regular facials at U and Your Skin for almost a year now and the difference in the quality of my skin is incredible. In the age of the internet with conflicting skincare advice, it’s important to listen to the professionals, so if you have a big event coming up, book in to see Louise, ideally six months to a year beforehand.

If you’re not that confident with make up or nails, get in touch with Kirstie makeup. She’s a fully qualified make up artist that does weddings, special events and photo shoots. She also does nails and lashes to finish off you look… you’ll be looking fabulous in no time!  

5 Ways to add a bit of sparkle into your life

Finally, if you want to go all out hire a glitter bar. Love Moi Glitter Bar was at the Glitterati event. Emily and her team offer a range of glitter bar services ranging from a simple glitter highlight to a full face, chest and hair look. 

3) Hair

5 Ways to add a bit of sparkle into your life

If there’s one thing that I’m useless at it’s hair. (You can probably tell from the state of it in these pictures!) Luckily at the Glitterati party, Hairsmiths were there to jazz up everyone’s hair. Sleek straight looks, gorgeous waves and cute braids were just some of the style that Debs created to complement everyone’s glitter looks.

I’m sure are there are glitter sprays that you can get for your hair but I much prefer adding a bit of sparkle with accessories. Hairsmiths popped up a picture of some gorgeous Label M hair jewels on Instagram recently and they are stunning. Label M also have a diamond dust range, which is designed to leave hair silky smooth and radiant. Granted, that’s cheating a bit but who doesn’t want to add a bit of sparkle with amazing hair? 

4) In your home

5 Ways to add a bit of sparkle into your life

Whether you’re a glitter gal or a metallic maven, use accessories to add a bit of sparkle into your home. Berry and Grey is a treasure trove of incredible accessories and furnishings for your home. There were sparkles a plenty in the shop! I loved the glitter balls scattered in the window, paired with lots of green foliage and fake fur.

5 Ways to add a bit of sparkle into your life

I also loved the glitter mats which are perfect for popping plants or candles on. I’m a silver girl so I adored all of the chrome skulls and accessories too. You can be as subtle or maximalist as your like!

5 Ways to add a bit of sparkle into your life

5) Food

5 Ways to add a bit of sparkle into your life

There’s nothing more fabulous than glittery food and drink. It’s a great one to crack out for a party of special occasion. At The Glitterati event Macarons and More and had made glitter macarons which were divine! They hands down, make the best macarons in the city. There’s were also glasses of glittery champagne being served. So go on be a little extra and make your food glittery!

The event then finished with cocktails at Bond 28 in Tombland. If you want a little insight in the event itself you need to check out the very talented Valentine Studio’s video and photos from the evening. Janey was there all evening snapping away whilst looking very glamorous. When she isn’t photographing the hottest events in town she’s busy creating gorgeous boudoir images of women at Valentine HQ.

All in all I had a lovely time at the Glitterati event. I’m hoping there will be another fabulous event soon! So there we have it – five ways to add a bit of sparkle into your life. I guess the moral of this blog is that we all need a bit of sparkle in our lives now and again! If you need me I’ll be eyeing up disco balls online…


With thanks to Berrys & Grey, Hairsmiths, U and Your Skin, Louise Lace, Ellice Lydia, Love Moi Glitter Bar, Kirstie Makeup and Valentine Studio and Mae Cosmetics for a fantastic event. Also a huge shout out to Ruth Knapp for creating the best outfit backdrops! 


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