5 Ways To Make Mornings Easier When All You Want to Do Is Hibernate

Dark, chilly mornings make me want to hide in bed in a duvet cocoon. Despite the fact I love my job, there’s nothing that makes me want to head outside on a cold, wet and dark morning. I’ve been trialling different ways of making my mornings a little easier over the last few weeks. So today I thought I would share my 5 ways to make mornings easier. Hopefully it will help some of you too!

5 Ways To Make Mornings Easier

1 – Shower – Even though it means waking up earlier I am very much a shower in the morning person. There’s something lovely about having a hot shower to wake you up. Throw in a zesty or comforting shower gel and a luxurious body moisturiser and I’m good to go! If you can’t be dealing with the faff in the morning, shower at night and introduce a calming and sleep inducing body oil, like the Aromatherapy Associates Deep Relax Bath and Shower Oil to help you get a good nights sleep and awake feeling refreshed.

2 – Breakfast  – Have a breakfast to get excited about! When I’m out of the shower it’s the next thing I look forward to. I’m really into porridge in the Autumn and Winter, it’s warming, comforting and simple to make. Plus you can have a million and one different toppings or flavours. I’ve been loving Marmite and chia seeds or cacao, sultanas and chia seeds in mine lately. Whatever your choice make it something to get excited about – it makes life so much easier first thing!

3 – Coffee – Oh coffee, the elixir of life! A steaming cup of java is sheer perfection in the morning. Not only does it wake you up and give you a pep in your step and it keeps you nice and warm too. I’m a big fan of the Cafe Direct Machu Picchu coffee, Taylors Hot Lava Java or Nescafe Azera. Invest in a good take out cup like this and take your coffee to go on freezing mornings. It’ll make that commute a whole lot easier! Make sure to drink a glass of water before your coffee and after it too, so you don’t dehydrate yourself first thing.

4- Fresh Air – This may seem like a contradiction to the cosy theme going on but a dose of fresh air will perk you up and make you feel better. Throw open a window and get rid of that stagnant air – you’ll feel a lot better. It lessens the shock of the cold air when you walk out of the door too!

5 – Prep – Prep as much as you can the night before. It’ll make your morning routine a lot easier. I put any important letters or bits I need for the week in my bag on a Sunday and it means I’ve stopped forgetting things! If you’re a packed lunch lover, prep it the night before if you can. Personally I make it in the morning as I like it fresher, but doing it the night before gives you one less thing to worry about.

After a few weeks or trial and error I’ve manage to nail my morning routine. I can now do it half asleep which is always good! Routine is key for making mornings run smoothly but having something to get excited about in the morning also helps. Whether it be breakfast, the thought of trying out a new make up look or wearing a new scarf! It really is the small things that make a difference.

Do you have 5 ways to make mornings easier?



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