About Me

ShelleyBeth.com is a Norwich based lifestyle blog, covering all aspects of fashion, beauty, lifestyle and food from the perspective of Shelley – a twenty-something, pale ass, nerdy dreamer who is trying to navigate her way through adulthood, in a fine a city.

ShelleyBeth.com started out life as The Shelley Diaries, a blog set up by ‘law student Shelley’ who wanted to express herself in a more creative way. As an ex Myspace emo kid, each post was signed off with a song and an XO. Shelley went on to re-discover her love of fashion and beauty, chronicling it all on the world wide web, in the days before blogging was a ‘real thing.’ Happily clueless she would type away, blabbing on about a new lipstick, posting an awkward mirror OOTD or the latest song that was getting her through her studies.

Law student Shelley turned into graduate Shelley, who decided that her dreams of living in the big smoke was a pipe-dream and a fantasy that wasn’t close to reality. So she decided to stay and make roots in Norwich, falling in love with the fine city and making the most that Nelson’s County has to offer. These adventures are chronicled in her ‘Love Norfolk Series.’ These days you’ll find heaps of passionate posts about fashion and beauty with a sprinkling of culinary adventures and a whole new outlook on life.

Who knows where this little space on the internet will go next!

ShelleyBeth.com is PR friendly, so if you would like to collaborate please contact Shelley at shelleybethblog@gmail.com.  You can reach out over Twitter or Instagram too.