Amsterdam Food Guide

Today I thought I would give you the lowdown on what I ate whilst I was in Amsterdam. The variety of food there is incredible, from Vietnamese to Argentinian and Spanish all on the same street. Whilst this may sound like heaven for most people, it can be somewhat of a nightmare for anyone on a restricted diet and it can lead to hangryness. Despite the fact I was on holiday – I still ended up planning and thinking about food! I think I’m going to have to get used to this. Read on for my Amsterdam Food Guide.

Amsterdam Food Diary

Breakfasts – Whenever I travel I always take a porridge pot and some form of snack bar with me. For the two mornings we were there, that’s what I had. We also went to the supermarket and I stocked up on fruit, some raw chocolate and green smoothies for snacks – being out and about with dietary requirements can be such a pain in the ass!



Day 1 – I ended up grabbing a green smoothie from the airport, eating a naked bar and some fruit from the supermarket. The supermarket was good for fresh fruit and free from goodies – there is definitely a healthy culture in Amsterdam!

The Happy Pig Amsterdam

The Happy Pig – We both opted for the dutch special pancakes. I had a buckwheat pancake with gouda cheese and onion jam. It was delicious albeit a little naughty with the cheese! The wait in the cafe was really long but it was definitely worth it. The also offered ice cream, waffles, coffee and a huge range of cold drinks – it was a great place to go and get a snack!

Cafe Koosje

Cafe Koosje – Here I opted for the safety of a salad along with some Dutch fries to share with Hamish. Again this was naughty as potatoes are suppose to be a no no for me – but when in Amsterdam you have to try the fries! Also their fritessauce is to die for… you HAVE to try it! Hamish went for an epic sandwich and some vlammetjes (local meaty, spicy snacks) which aren’t in the picture. The cafe served Illy coffee which was amazing, they also had soy milk as an option too – this was quite common in Amsterdam. If you can’t touch gluten it’s definitely worth asking for no bread when you order food as it tended to come with it, even if it wasn’t mentioned on the menu. I loved this cafe, it was so relaxed sitting on the street corner munching away.



Day 1 –  Little Saigon  – I now have a Pho obsession thanks to this place! My food combining went out of the window here as I had proteins (prawns) with a starch (rice noodles) however it was amazing, nutritious, fresh and delicious. This was a little gem just around the corner from our house, if you do go and visit you may have to queue, we went quite early as neither of us had a proper lunch!

Little Saigon - Pho

Day 2 – Tapas – I do love a bit of tapas! It’s great for when you are indecisive like me! We opted for  lots of yummy meats with vegetables and salad. We were so hungry that I forgot to get pictures. The food as ok, I wasn’t really impressed with the service but we were starving and our first choice of restaurant was fully booked – if there’s somewhere you really want to get into you definitely need to book in Amsterdam!

Day 3 – Sushi – Fresh homemade veggie sushi! Again I was so hungry I dived straight in. Hamish and I were really impressed with the lovely sushi we had. It was lovely sitting on a side street close to all of the hustle and bustle watching the world go by whilst we ate.

Avocado Sushi



Lite/Dark – This place is amazing if you have dietary requirements or just love eating healthy. They offer an amazing range of juices, smoothies, cakes and snacks. There a good range of gluten, wheat, dairy and sugar free things too. I had two cacao smoothies which were to die for and I had a brownie too which was insane! It was so chocolatey and light – I couldn’t believe it has no gluten, wheat, dairy or sugar in it. If you’re a snacker like me, I’d recommend taking naked bars (or something similar) and finding one of these places to buy snacks for however long you are there. I did this on the second and final day and it made life much easier knowing I could grab something I could eat out of my bag when hunger struck!

Lite/Dark Amsterdam

Lite/Dark Amsterdam

Bubble Tea – Soya bubble tea shops are everywhere and they are well worth a visit. I had a passionfruit and mango popping soya bubble tea and it was divine – I wish I had had one every day I was there. I still crave these!

Yo! Bubbletea Amsterdam

Supermarkets – They are great for picking up bits for breakfast of snacks on the go! Most of them are open late too which is a bonus. I also managed to find a shelf of healthy and free from items which was amazing. If all else fails there will be fresh fruit and veg.

Cafes – There’s a cafe on every corner serving hot and cold drinks, as well as the alcoholic variety.  The coffee in Amsterdam is amazing, there is often an option for a dairy free milk as well. Juices and smoothies are widely available – you can find them in cafes, on the many markets and in the supermarkets. The one thing I will say though is buy your water from the supermarket or take a bottle with you, as water is expensive. It seemed like a waste of money buying one bottle in a cafe for the price of 8 in the supermarket and you can drink the tap water there too.

Coffee in Amsterdam

All in all the food Amsterdam is incredible.  If you have a restricted diet like me, it’s pretty good. However, you definitely do need to pack snacks and breakfast food and think about picking up snacks before you embark on an adventure so you don’t get hangry like I did a few times. The alternative culture in Amsterdam means they are really good with allergies and intolerance though. Do your research and plan ahead are my tips!

What are your favourite places to eat out?



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