The Outfits of Amsterdam

If you follow me on Instagram you probably would have seen all of the Amsterdam spam from my little trip there. I was planning on blogging the trip and I thought it would be good to kick it all off with my Amsterdam Style Diary.

We travelled hand luggage only for a two night, three day break so I packed smart. I opted to take my trusty Levi jeans and a long black cardi for flying and I then mixed it up with tops and necklaces. I only took one pair of shoes too which is some sort of miracle for me!

Day 1 – Flying and wandering 

Amsterdam City Break Outfits

Skinny jeans, an old denim tee and my long black cardigan.
It was comfy and cosy for the short flight, as well as easy to wear around the city. I did loose the socks as soon as we got there as it was rather hot!

Day 2 – The full day 

Amsterdam City Break Outfits

Despite the fact is was sunny this was the perfect outfit. The baggy nature of the top kept me cool and my amazing H&M cardi was easy to throw on and off.

Day 3 – Home time and more walking! 

Amsterdam City Break Outfits

Again, this was cosy and comfy for the flight and perfect for walking too!

The basic tee is from H&M and my biker jacket is really old and from New Look. My handbag and suitcase are both Biba at House of Fraser

I need to give a shout out to these amazing New Look shoes, which naturally, I can’t find online! They were perfect for walking around Amsterdam, you can dress them up or down and they are oh so comfortable! Plus they look like Docs for less than a quarter of the price!

Finally, I thought I had better include Hamish’s outfit and fashion advice *eye roll*

After much whining about taking my outfit photos and taking the piss he sarcastically suggested that I should include his outfit and fashion advice. So here goes!

You need one pair of baggy jeans, a selection of band t-shirts, a checked shirt, one jumper and your Dr Martins for life boots. Hipster 101 there 😛

What’s your go to look for a city break?




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