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It’s been a while since I’ve done one of these postsbut it’s that time of year where you want to cosy up for autumn with a good TV show. Despite the title I’m a bit over Netflix at the moment, we’ve even discussed cancelling it. So if you know of any good Netflix series leave them below. Before I ramble on any longer here are my Autumn TV show recommendations. Grab a blanket, dig the remote out from the side of the sofa, light a candle and cosy up!

Autumn TV show recommendations

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For the history lovers…

Victoria – ITV – Victoria chronicles the life of Queen Victoria. The series has been written with a modern take on the diaries she kept during her reign. It’s worth noting a lot of her diaries were censored or destroyed by her son after her death so there’s a few creative adaptions. Nonetheless the series is fantastic and the acting is brilliant.  The viewer is drawn into the storyline wanting to know more and more. There’s some heartbreaking tales, a lot of drama and few laugh out loud moments. I’m hooked! The only downside is having to wait a week for each new episode!

Manhattan – Amazon Prime – Set in the middle of the American desert during world war two this series follows two teams of scientists racing to build the atomic bomb. Packed full of vintage glamour, lots of drama and secrets, this is perfect is you’re a vintage vixen or a modern history lover. It’s a an easy watch, but it’s still really interesting and it’ll leave you wanting more! I can’t say much more than that without spoiling it but I love it.

The Collection – Amazon Prime – Set in post war Paris, the Collection follows a family run couture house who aim to make Paris fashion great again. There’s buckets loads of drama, hidden secrets and controversy. Of course there’s fabulous outfits too. The storyline follows the family and the people who work there, it tackles tough subjects and shines a light on the class division in Paris. I’m only a few episodes in, but I’m really enjoying trying to unravel the mysteries the series throws at you.

If you’re a history lover the Man in the High Castle (Amazon Prime) is really good, it’s set in a world where Hitler won the war and America is split between Nazi Germany and Japan. I’m only a few episodes in but I’m really enjoying it. If ancient history and fighting is more your style Vikings comes highly recommended from Hamish. Since watching it he has ordered beard rings and tries to braid his beard so he can be Ragnar Lodbrok *major eye roll*

For the comedy lovers…

Casual – Amazon Prime – This laugh out loud comedy follows the troubles of a brother, sister and her daughter. Post divorce Valerie and Laura move in with Alex (her brother) and hilarity ensues. It puts a comedic spin on the issues we all face in life through our teens, twenties and beyond. The episodes are short so this is a good one for just before bed or watching during tea.

Life in Pieces – Amazon Prime – Four stories, one family. This episodes of comedy shorts all surround a family, the stories all interlink and weave into one. It’s shot in such a cleaver way! It’s laugh out loud funny too. I’m gutted that we’ve watched all of the episodes

Big Bad World – Amazon Prime – This is a comedy from 2003 set in good old Great Yarmouth. Whether it will be funny to anyone outside of Norfolk I don’t know. It follows the life of Ben who has moved back to Yarmouth after University and he’s trying to get a job. If you’re from Norfolk or have gone through the struggle of moving home after uni – this is one for you!

I’m also loving Catastrophe a short comedy series about a man and woman who have a one night stand, she gets pregnant and they do the right thing, despite the fact he lives in another country. It’s well worth a watch!

You really can’t beat a bit of telly in the Autumn evenings! If you have any Autumn TV show recommendations leave them below, we’re burning through the comedies like no tomorrow at the moment!



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