B Pure Micellar Water

The entire blogging world seems to have gone crazy for Micellar water. I’d been reading about Bioderma for ages and thought it was a little crazy that people were going made over an overpriced product that you could buy in France. I also did understand what was wrong with using make up wipes…that was until I started reading horror stores about them. I then saw a review of this little beauty and I was sold.

B Pure Micellar Water


The Claim

“Quick and easy 3-in-1 cleanser that dissolves impurities in a single sweep, no water required. Ideal for all skin types even the most sensitive.”


“B. Pure with this 3-in-1 ‘super’ water. Quick and effective yet extremely gentle.

Cleanses – Removes impurities and makeup.

Tones – Restores pH balance whilst keeping the skin supple.

Refreshes – with cucumber juice extract.”

Does it stand up to the claim?

In one word – yes!

Now, I am no skincare expert, in fact I know very little but for me it does what it says on the tin.

It is amazing at removing my make up and it even has no problem removing my waterproof mascara. It is indeed gentle and suitable for very sensitive skin. Normally my skin will have a reaction to most cleansers or I will be left with really tight and dried out skin. With the micellar water this was not the case, my skin felt super clean without feeling stripped or angry.

It cleanses and tones and it does leave my skin feeling refreshed.


However, if you skin is a lot less sensitive I am not sure it will give you that deep clean feeling, I see a lot of other bloggers using this as a make up remover and then cleansing.



This is currently selling for £3.32 in Superdrug for 150ml.

Its normal price is £4.99

Other similar products

Loreal have released a Micellar water, it is £4.99 for 200ml making it better value than the B.Pure one. It is currently on sale in Superdrug for £2.48, making it cheaper again.

I am tempted to try this one, however I am not a huge loreal fan.

Bioderma is the other obvious similar product. A lot of bloggers have been calling the Loreal and the B Pure ones a dupe for it at a fraction of the price. I haven’t tried Bioderma so I cannot comment on this.


Other comments 

A little goes a long way. I have had my bottle for a month and a half and I am almost out, so the water does last a long time.

I also found out through trial and error that less is more. The less product you put on the cotton wool pad the better. Putting loads on will only drown you skin and make it feel like it isn’t working!

I am definitely a huge fan of this product and I am totally converted to the micellar water. I will definitely be re purchasing this when I run out.

Are any of you Micellar Water fans?

PS you can read my Battle of the Micellar Waters here. 


Song of the Day – Paramore – Day Dreaming

Their new stuff is very slowly growing on me, this one is uber catchy. It is also rather apt, as I spend half my life daydreaming!


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