Beauty Hacks

I was doing my make up the other day, when I realised how differently I was doing things. It then dawned on me, that I have picked up so many tips and tricks about doing and using make up over the last two years, through reading blogs. These beauty hacks have made my routine much easier and I’m more likely to mix up my daily looks. After racking my brains I’ve decided to compile as many of the tips and tricks that I can remember and share them all with you lovely lot.

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Beauty Hacks

 The Golden Rule…

Not everything will suit everyone! I can’t believe how long it took me to figure this out. We all have different, eye, face and lips shapes with different prominent features. So if you give something a go a couple of times and it doesn’t look right, its just not for you. You’ve probably not done anything wrong at all, so don’t worry!

A prime example is the winged eyeliner look, it looks awful on me because my eyes aren’t symmetrical and Kimmy K style contouring makes me look gaunt and ill! Admittedly I’m not the best at either of those but hey ho! It’s not for everyone!

The eyes…

As an eyeliner addict I’ve learn a lot on this subject!

How To Add Definition Without A Full On Lined Eye… This is perhaps my favourite tip. I love the no eyeliner, just fat lashes, look, but it doesn’t look great on me as my eyes seem to disappear (or so to speak.) I’ve found lining the top waterline only solves this problem, by adding discreet definition to my eyes.

It is a more subtle version of pushing liquid or gel liner into the top lash line.

How To Fake Awake… I’ve done a full post on this here. However white or concealer coloured liners are you best friend when it comes to brightening the eye area or hiding any redness.

Don’t Line All The Way… I have small ish eyes that droop downwards so lining the top lash line can emphasise my droopy eyes and make them look smaller. I’ve discovered starting the liner on the lash line, from the middle of the eye and stopping just before the end of my eye, before lining my top waterline and blending that into the start of the liner in the middle of the eye, to open my eyes and reverse the aforementioned effects.

The Right Size Brushes… Again a small eye problem and possibly obvious but if you have small eyes use smaller brushes. For the longest time I thought I couldn’t add a different colour to my crease because it looked terrible. It turned out that the brush I was trying to use was too big. I picked up this Eco tools eye set (post here) and voila! I could have smoky eyes 24/7!


The Power Of A Bold Lip… A bold lip will distract from lots of imperfections or problem areas (as long as they’re not your lips!) This is especially useful mid break out.

Clear Lip Liner… Is the best thing in the world, it will make applying a bold lip easier and it means you don’t need ones for every lipstick. Certain darker colours will need a coloured liner, but find one that is similar to all of the darker shades you own to save those pennies!

I’d recommend this clear liner.

Make Your Own Matte Lipstick… An oldie, but put on your lipstick, place a tissue over the lips and powder over the tissue. This turns any shade of lipstick you have into a matte one.


Dab don’t sweep… Sweeping powder over your face will only potentially shift the concealer you are trying to set. Instead lightly dab the powder over your face.

Fix It… Fixing spray is your best friend in the hotter months and for those longer days. I cannot believe the difference it makes!

So there we go, a handful of tips and tricks that have made my life easier over the past couple of years.  The only other advice I have is to get good tools. The best tools can make a good high street product as flawless as a high end product.

 If you have any tips, please share them below 🙂



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