Beauty – ‘I swear I am awake!’

We all get the post Christmas/January exhaustion, or if you are a student and anything like me, you will suffer with constant exhaustion. The first place it shows on me is my face. The black under eye bags, the blotchy skin tone and the inevitable break outs. Attractive right?

Luckily last month I discovered a way of making myself look human and look like I’ve had a good nights sleep. Thank **** for make up! This look is also very fresh and in this spring and the best thing about it is you can easily mix it up and still look human!

The Key Products 

Base – Rimmel Match Perfection FoundationOr any illuminating foundation will work wonders on  making you look awake. If you aren’t a dewy foundation fan, a regular foundation paired with a good highlighter will do the trick.
This foundation has a light to medium coverage, if you want something heavier I’d recommend the MAC Studio Finish Foundation paired with a good highlighter! For something a little lighter I turn to my Max Factor CC cream.

Rimmel Clear Complexion Powder – This is for setting purposes, you don’t want to look shiny or have your make up slide part way through the day!

MAC Select Cover Up Concealer (not pictured because I’m an idiot and forgot!) – This concealer is amazing at covering imperfections and for sticking over those dreaded under eye bags.

Benefits Rockateur – This is the most gorgeous rose gold blush with a hint of shimmer. It gives you a lovely flush and adds a little glow to your face. You don’t need to pair this with a highlighter or a contour as it does the trick nicely.

Urban Decay Glint HighlighterI needed a little more glow so I swept this down my nose and on the top of my cheekbones. It is surprising how much better you look with a little highlight!

The eyes
Urban Decay’s Bleach Eye Shadow –

This eye shadow is beyond amazing! It evens up and brightens your eyelids making you look like you have had a good nights sleep.

Rimmel Scandal Eyes Liner in White – Applying this to the waterlines instantly makes your eyes look bigger and more awake. It is amazing and a new staple in my routine.

Soap and Glory’s Thick and Fast Mascara – This stuff is so good! It makes your lashes look ten times thicker! It gives the same effect as a thin line of gel liner along the last line. Again, this opens your eyes up making you look more awake.


The Lips

Seventeens Lip Crayon in Heartbreaker – This is my perfect nude shade and it is so easy to apply too! It is the kind of lip product that just enhances your natural lip colour and makes it look like you’re wearing nothing on your lips. Perfect if you cannot leave the house without lipstick on!


Benefits Dandelion Lip Gloss – This is a gorgeous pale pink shade that adds a nice sheen on the lips. It isn’t sticky or tacky and it tastes pretty good too. The only downside is the staying power. Any old gloss on the lips will do, the more light reflecting products the better!


If you are feeling brave any colour glossy lips will do!

I always find a bold colour on the lips distracts from any imperfections on the face. If I am feeling especially moody I tend to opt for a dark vampy lip.


The Finished Look… 

'I swear I am awake!' Face

How do you fake awake?


Song of the Day – Greenday – Wake Me Up When September Ends
Apt and you can’t beat a bit of Greenday!


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