Benefit Lollitint – The must have summer make up item!

Benefit Lollitint is my must have summer product. Since receiving a sample from Holly at the Norwich Bloggers event, I’ve been hooked and I’ve used it every day! If you need a long wearing, heat proof, gorgeous flush to your cheeks or lips this is the product for you. From a natural no make up look, to an amped up evening look, Lollitint has you covered this summer.

Benefit Lollitint

Benefit Lollitint Swatch Place Skin

Benefit Lollitint Lip and Cheeky swatch

For those long hot summer days or just long days in the office followed by nights out you need make up that you can rely on. Nobody has time to be faffing around topping up their make up every few hours. I love a product that I can rely on and Benefit Lollitint certainly ticks this box.

Lollitint is a pretty candy orchid coloured tint that can be used on both the cheeks and the lips. Surprisingly it works well on both. I apply a few dots on the cheeks and blend out with my fingers, for a natural looking flush. You can build it up if you wish, but I prefer a more natural look, thanks to my ghostly complexion! For the lips I paint it on with the brush, smack my lips together and wait a few second for it to dry. It’s an easy product to use, it dries quickly and lasts a long time. The wear on the lips it really good, it wears away evenly and because of the natural style of the product it doesn’t leave that awful line around the lips.

Wearing Lollitint on the cheeks and the lips ties together your make up look nicely, giving you a natural, no make up, make up look which is great first thing in the morning and especially on those hot summer days where you don’t want anything on your face. The tint is perfect in the heat because it does not budge at all and it’s so¬†lightweight¬†that you can’t feel it on your face.

If Lollitint pink isn’t you cup of tea, Benefit do a wide range of colours in the tint formula. The full size of Lollitint is now firmly on my shopping list!

Are you a Lollitint fan?



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