Casus Circus Driftwood at the Norfolk and Norwich Festival

The Adnams Spiegeltent is home to a very special performance for the duration of the Norfolk and Norwich festival – Casus Circus Driftwood. It tells the story of human interactions and relationships through the power of movement of the human body. From backflips, to aerial hoop performances, a head stand on a swinging trapeze and human towers, it’s safe to say that the performance will keep you on the edge of your seat.

Casus Circus Driftwood

You could hear a pin drop from the moment a single lamp hanging from the ceiling switched on, to the second the performance came full circle and it switched off. There were gasps, claps, cheers and plenty of chuckles along the way too. Driftwood certainly captured the attention of the audience from the word go.

The performance was broken up into smaller scenes featuring various members of the troupe. Each of the scenes drew you in to the point that you forgot where you were. Then at the drop of a hat and at lightening speed you were on to the next act, moving from emotional ballads to cheesy upbeat tunes seamlessly. It took you on a bit of an emotional rollercoaster by making you feel the happiness, sadness, humour and fun of human relationships. It was all very moving and it gave individuals a chance to reflect their own experiences of relationships.

Casus Circus Driftwood

The overall performance was an awe-inspiring, jaw-dropping feat of human nature. They made a head stands on a swinging trapeze look like a walk in the park and made complex aerial hoop performances look like second nature. The way their bodies moved was incredible. Whether it be alone, with other members of the troupe or with props, they all moved and flowed as one. The sheer strength and determination of the performers really stood out. Could you imagine being able to balance another human on you as you moved, around? All with a smile on your face and cheeky glint in your eyes?

Casus Circus Driftwood

Casus Circus Driftwood was nothing short of spectacular, it was such a beautiful, whimsical and moving performance. Their ability to defy the laws of physics and move as one was just incredible. There was such a buzz and sheer sense of admiration throughout and rightly so. Driftwood is not to be missed!


Casus Circus Driftwood is on until Sunday 28th May in the Adnams Speiegeltent in Chapelfield Gardens, you can buy tickets here. The performance will then tour the UK, you can find more dates here.

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Photo Credit – Katie Bennett 

I was gifted a ticket to this performance for the purpose of review. As always my opinion remains honest and unbiased.

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