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 Chocolate is one of the few words that make you ears prick up and your heart skip a beat. Whether you’re happy or sad it’s always the perfect treat. I’ve been a lifelong chocaholic but as I creep closer to the ripe old age or twenty-five, my sweet tooth is slowly disappearing, in fact I can only manage a couple of squares at a time without feeling ill. I’ve never been loyal to a chocolate brand either – literally anything will do, I’ve tried milk, white, dark, raw… you name it I’ll have been through a phase with it. That’s until I discovered Chocolate and Love (link), which has become my go to brand. It’s award winning, organic, Fairtrade and ethical – so you can tuck into square or two knowing you’re doing something good for the world. 

Chocolate and Love

First off we have to talk about the packaging… I mean look at it! The bold, tropical hand painted design that adorns the bars is eye-catching and fun, it puts a smile on your face too. Inside of each gorgeous wrapper is the story of the brand along with a reminder of its credentials. The bar itself is in a sealed wrapper which has a tear here arrow ensuring that precious bits of chocolate doesn’t fly everywhere. Which means you can eat as much or as little as you like without having to worry about how to store it. Now that’s smart!

Chocolate and Love

 If you thought the packaging was amazing, prepare for your mind to be blown. Chocolate and Love have taken the humble cacao bean to a whole new level. I mentioned before that all of the ingredients are organic and Fairtrade, which in itself is a sign of the sheer quality of the product. The bars are all a variety of dark chocolate and come in a range or strengths and flavours, from plain to orange, mint or sea salt – there’s something to suit everyone’s taste buds. I know dark chocolate has a bit of a bad rep, but the Chocolate and Love range is dark chocolate but not as you know it. It’s smooth, delightfully creamy and not at all bitter. What’s more if you have no willpower and scoff the lot, you probably won’t feel ill after. Or at least I didn’t, which is some sort of miracle.

Chocolate and Love Chocolate bars

The strength of the Panama 80% bar  scared me a little, I tucked in with trepidation, but was pleasantly surprised. It tasted light, creamy and smooth, not overpoweringly bitter like other high strength dark chocolate bars. The Rich Dark 71% bar was even creamier and a pleasure to eat. Though, my personal favourite was the 55% Sea Salt chocolate with caramel pieces. It was out of this world, some may even call it heavenly with its perfect balance of sweetness and salt. It left me wanting more and more. The 65% orange flavour came a close second, it was mouth-wateringly delicious and didn’t have that artificial orange taste that other well-known brands have. It’s no surprise that they have won so many great taste awards.

Chocolate and Love Sea Salt

If you’re a chocolate lover like me, I’d jump in the car and head to Sainsbury’s to stock up pronto. They would make the most fabulous gift for someone special too. Why not sprinkle an aphrodisiac in the form of Chocolate and Love on your Valentines Day?  After one taste your life will never be the same again… I’m not joking! 


I was sent this range of chocolate to be considered for review. As always my opinion is honest and unbiased. I genuinely love Chocolate and Love and everything they stand for.


  1. 26th January 2017 / 21:03

    These are totally on my shopping list for the weekend! Great post Hun ?

    • ShelleyBeth
      27th January 2017 / 13:13

      Thanks, they’re on mine too!

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