Review | Circus Cabaret Lates at Chapelfield Summer Circus

Lost in Translation Circus gathered performers from around the globe to put on a raucous, jaw-dropping and rather cheeky adults-only performance on Friday night. The Circus Cabaret Lates at Chapelfield Summer Circus was a spectacular celebration of 250 years of the modern circus.  There were thrills, spills and audience participation aplenty. If you’re heading to the Saturday night performance – prepare to laugh so hard that your belly hurts!

Circus Cabaret Lates at Chapelfield Summer Circus

Ritzy Cracker (aka Abigail Collins) was the quick-witted and rather naughty master of ceremonies. She seamlessly blended adult humour with political and cultural jibes that had everyone rolling with laughter. The audience lapped up her energy, upbeat personality and sass as she took us through an evening of incredible performances. She even had her own performance featuring some rather unwitting and very hammered audience members. It was comedy gold!

First up was Jamie-Lee McNaughton’s gripping aerial rope performance. She had the audience on the edge of their seats as she opened the show with this jaw-dropping blindfolded performance. Fern Carpenters’ tap dance was a rather nostalgic nod to old-fashioned circus fun. Her second piece, an aerial silk performance, was simply breathtaking. She gilded and tumbled through the air with such ease and grace. I was mesmerised and felt slightly emotional throughout.  I watched Natasha Rushbrooke’s gymnastic performance with my mouth wide open as she performed her elevated handstands. Her strength and flexibility were phenomenal. She made it look so easy!

My favourite act of the night had to be the burlesque and trapeze artist, Vendetta Vain. Her first cheesy Burlesque act had me roaring with laughter. She seamlessly blended a sexy burlesque skit with outrageous, cheeky humour and a block of cheese (yes you read that right…a block of cheese!) Her second ‘butterface’ trapeze performance had me in tears. I don’t want to give too much away, but it needs to be seen to be believed. 

A close second was Annabel Carberry’s eye-wateringly funny multi hula hoop performance. I could barely breathe as she strutted around the stage hula hooping trying to drink red wine. The piece reminded me of the uphill struggle of getting through Friday so you can have that large cold glass of wine to celebrate the weekend.

The final two performances were mesmerising. The German duo Forma Fortis, in their matching double denim outfits (think Britney and Justin circa 2001) glided around the stage with ease. They made throwing, catching, and climbing over each other look like a rather romantic walk in the park. The final performer, Diego F Martinez was a powerhouse of strength and sass. He strutted around the stage in six-inch heels before perming and aerial chain piece which showcased his incredible strength. 

I really didn’t want the night to end! The Circus Cabaret Lates at Chapelfield Summer Circus were absolutely fantastic. I had a huge smile plastered across my face throughout an absolutely hilarious 90 minutes. I’d highly recommend heading to the big top for a couple pints before this raucous adults only show tonight. Can we have more of these big top spectaculars in Norwich, please?

The Circus Cabaret Lates at Chapelfield Summer Circus run until the 14th July (tonight). You can find out more about the circus weekend here and read all of my reviews here.

These tickets were kindly given to me for the purpose of review. As always my opinion remains honest and unbiased.

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