Dear Diary…

July has been and gone too fast, I feel like I’ve blinked and missed it! This month has been jam packed full of adventure, stress and new beginnings. It is safe to say I am a stressed out, exhausted wreck at the moment. My head is all over the place and my brain is so fuzzy, I have no idea if I am coming of going.

This month kicked off with a move back home but more importantly a trip to Paris. A city that I have wanted to see for so long!

Three Pictures of Paris - Pont Des Arts, Eiffel Tower and Paris Opera House Ceiling

Oh Paris, you really are wonderful! Paris is such a grand and vast city. I really had no idea how we packed so much into three days! After a delayed Eurostar and chaos at St Pancras we arrived in Paris at some ungodly hour and settled into our flat before sleeping and getting up mega early for day one.

Day 1 – We started off the day by collecting our Paris Pass and heading to the Wax Museum. The Wax Museum was basically he french version of Tussuad’s and I’m not going to lie, it creeped me out! After that we headed to Saint Chapelle which was spectacular, before wandering down to D’Orsay. After this we walked to the Eiffel Tower and grabbed a spot of dinner before boarding our river cruise and seeing Paris at night.It was truly amazing and cold!

Day 2 –  Today we hopped onto a bus tour which took us around the main attractions and we did a whistle stop tour of Paris. We saw all of the sights and got off at Notre Dame and the Louvre. The Louvre was mental, we got lost inside and the staff were sooo not helpful! However I did see the Mona Lisa and lots of other exciting art work. (Can you tell I’m not an artsy person!) We grabbed Dinner and I had a delicious Steak Tartare before heading up Montpasse to see Paris at night.  All I shall say is wow! Definitely head up there at night!

Day 3 – We headed to the train station after a lie in and we attempted to get a locker for our luggage. I have never seen anything more confusing in my life! We then popped down the Champs d’elise for a spot of shopping and a trip to the infamous Laudree. I also did some damage in Sephora (ooops!) After that we jumped on the metro whilst my Friend collected souvenirs. We also wandered around a bit and got off a different stops and walked through various parts of Paris. The Royal Gardens were lovely! After this we grabbed food and went to catch our Eurostar and our Paris adventure was over!

If you are going to Paris, take comfy shoes, always look up, invest in a map so you can walk and make sure you have a lot of space on your camera!

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After Paris came many days spent at home applying for hundreds of jobs. I’m the kind of person who hates not having something to do! After what felt like an eternity of waiting I finally began to get some interviews. Admittedly a couple were dubious, the online world can make anything sound glamorous! A day of interviews later, I had landed myself a job (yay!) and then came the manic flat hunt.  I had no idea how hard it was to find a place! I also understand why estate agents are hated. I’m sitting typing this with everything crossed in the hope that I have a flat, I’m just waiting to hear back and I have been all weekend. It is driving me mad. It feels like everything is on hold. Like the calm before the storm! Either way I’ll be back in Norwich soon, starting a new chapter of my life. Scary/ Exciting times.

I think it has been the constant travelling that has exhausted me. It is a three hour drive to Norwich from my house and I dread to think how many miles I have covered driving down once or twice a week. Mainly there and back in a day! All I know is that it has cost me a small fortune in diesel and I’m going to be broke for a very long time! It feels like this month has been sponsored by coffee and Red Thunder.

Somewhere in between the manic nature of rushing around the country came graduation. A day that I have waited so long for. My uni experience hasn’t been the traditional one and by the end I just could not wait to get it over and done with!
Graduation made me so anxious, I’m the kind of person that hates formal events, photographs and any attention. Naturally it wasn’t really my cup of tea, but I am glad I went and experienced it.
I also now have a law degree so yay for three years of hard work finally paying off!
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Three picture of my graduation from UEA

Oh July you have been a challenging whirlwind to say the least.
Moving back home after over three years of living away from home was really hard. I’d gone from enjoying city life to being thrown back into a tiny village where there is nothing. I’d always said to myself that I wouldn’t return home after uni, I’d have a job and a flat of my own. It’s the dream your sold when you start uni but it’s not the reality of the world anymore. I’ve found it hard living with my parents as an adult and I’m sure they’ve found it weird too. Having people in my space asking what I’m doing/ where I am going all the time has been a shock! I’m definitely excited to be moving back to Norwich though. I’m not exciting about the boxing everything back up part though!

Anyway let’s end on a lighter note.

Three pictures of July on TSD - The Mascara Edit, Victoria Sponge Cupcakes, Heatwave Essentials

This month I’ve been posting about shopping in Norwich, there been a couple of OOTD’s, a haul, two baking posts in my summertime treats series (1 &2), a eye shadow stick I’ve been loving, the mascaras I have on the go, tunes I have loved, an inspirational song, how I’ve been coping with the heatwave & more!

Despite all of the stress and worry, July has been a good month, thanks to the amazing weather we have been having in the UK. Everything is better in the sunshine right?


This month I’ve been loving the album Bones by Young Guns.
I’ve re kindled my relationship with it, it is so motivating and it give you a kick up the arse



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