The Blue DKNY Handbag of Dreams!

The bold blue colour first caught my eye, the classic style caught my interest and the gold chain strap tied it all together nicely. I picked it up, played around with it and then reminded myself that I didn’t need another handbag and I probably didn’t need one in such a bold colour. ‘Always stick to a classic black’ was niggling away in the back of my mind. Three days later I couldn’t get this bag out of my head and I decided that it was a sign, the sale was ending and I knew I needed this DKNY handbag in my life!

Blue DKNY Handbag

DKNY as a brand screamed perfume to me – I was obsessed with the DKNY be delicious perfume when I was younger. It was the scent of my youth. I’d never really paid attention to a DKNY handbag before though, they always seemed a bit meh to me. This gorgeous blue baby changed that though! How could you not notice it?!

I wear my Blue DKNY Handbag in a cross body style, but you can also change the chain and make it a shorter handbag, or tuck the chain inside for a clutch bag.  It is a small bag, I can fit my purse, keys, phone and a lipstick in it. So if you love a bag that you can’t fill full of crap – this is the style for you! It’s the perfect bag for occasions, nights out or days where you don’t need an awful lot of stuff. The leather is textured, thick and it feels like it’s going to last for a long time. It opens and closes with a magnetic press stud and has a small pocket inside and a large pocket on the back of the bag – which is perfect for putting travel cards in.  The design is classic but smart. I love the leather strap that covers the chain – it’s a well thought out detail that makes the bag more comfortable to wear. The gold chain detailing breaks up the blue-ness of the bag and makes it stand out more.

You can probably tell that I am in love with this bag, it’s perfect and I can’t get enough of the colour. For someone who wears a lot of black, it’s the perfect way to add a splash of colour to an outfit.

This gorgeous blue DKNY Handbag was bought from House of Fraser in their incredible sale for £62.00 – who could say no to that?! It has however, sold out, but you can still buy the black and navy Saffiano handbags.

Are you a DKNY fan?



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