Eco Tools 6 Piece Eye Brush Set

Today I thought I would share one of my current obsessions with you, in a little more detail. I fell in love with the Eco Tools 6 piece Eye Brush Set a few months ago and I’m pretty sure I’ve used at least one of the brushes every time I have done my make up.  They are most definitely a staple in my make up routine and my favourite brushes to use.  I would highly recommend them to anyone, but especially if you have smaller features.   They’re not just for the eyes either… read on to find out my thoughts and what I use them for.

An Overview…

The first thing you’ll probably notice is that the handles are pretty short compared to standard make up brushes, but I really like it. It allows me to have a lot of control over the brush. They are made of bamboo too, so they’re pretty good for the environment.  Each brush has its name on the bottom of the handle which is really useful if you’re a newbie to make up. I tend to ignore the suggestions and use them for whatever I fancy. The names do wear off after a while though.

The bristles are super soft and are made of taklon, making them cruelty free. They pick up the perfect amount of product and are really easy to clean.  I use baby shampoo once a week to clean them and four months later, the bristles are still as soft as the day I bought them. The bristles are a darker colour, meaning it is harder to see when they are dirty. However they tend not to absorb too much product, so for me this really isn’t an issue.

What You Get…

Eco Tools Smudge Brush – This does exactly what it says on the tin. It is perfect for slightly smudging eyeliner into you upper lash line, to give you a discreet, yet smoky look. I also like this for highlighting the inner corner of my eye.

Eco Tools Petite Shading Brush – This is perfect for adding colour to the crease of your eye, before blending it out. It also works well if you want to use eye shadow as eyeliner on the top and lower lashes.

Eco Tools Highlighting Brush – This is the perfect size blending brush for me. The soft bristles buff away harsh lines leaving blurred edges. It fits into the crease of my eye perfectly. I’d recommend this for anyone with smaller eyes. It is the brush I use the most and I also use it for sweeping eye shadow over my eye lid when I am in a rush. It is a really versatile brush and can be used for anything. Think of it as a one brush wonder!

Eco Tools Angled Crease Brush – I’m not going to lie, I haven’t used this one much. However, when I want to do a smoky eye with precise edges I shall be reaching for it!

Eco Tools Large Eye Brush –  I use this for contouring . Using a blusher sized brush for contouring is a no no for me, as it is just too big. This brush allows me too add a line of bronzer under my cheek bones, before I blend it out with a mini face brush.  I imagine this is really good for doing your eye in one sweep as well.

Travel Case – I seem to have mislaid this, (you can see it here) but it was really handy. It was small, soft and had bit inside to hold all of the brushes in place, making it perfect for travelling.

This set is £14.99 in Boots and in my opinion, worth every penny.

If you’re on the market for reasonably priced, amazing quality brushes then grab these. They would also make a nice stocking filler or starter set for someone who wants to get into make up. If you travel a lot, these are a must too!

Have any of you tried Eco Tools 6 Piece Eye Brush Set?



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