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Generally speaking Dad’s tend to be the hardest people to buy for. I have no idea why but I usually spend hours aimlessly wandering around Norwich, before giving up and calling my mum. This year I went last-minute Father’s Day shopping at intu Chapelfield. They challenged me to find the perfect Father’s Day gift for under £50 and prove that shopping for Dad’s isn’t hard. Spoiler alert – It turns out they were right!

Father's Day Shopping at Intu Chapelfield

The great thing about Father’s Day shopping at intu Chapelfield is that all of the major high street stores are under one roof. So come rain or shine you’re pretty much guaranteed to find something he loves. They also have a huge selection of restaurants, coffee shops and cafe’s for those all important shopping snacks. I spend far too many lunch break milling around the shops, but I’ve never really paid attention to the shops they have in there for men. I was rather surprised at the variety men’s shops. Shopping for Dad in there was a breeze! So if you’re after a last-minute gift for the important man in your life, I’ve put together a mini shopping guide of where to go in intu Chapelfield.

Father's Day Shopping at Intu Chapelfield

For the stylish and well-groomed Dad’s. 

If there’s one thing that intu Chapelfield is known for it’s the abundance of clothing retailers. Whilst Zara, River Island and H&M man cater for men who love to be on trend. Places like House of Fraser and Office cater for a Dad with a more classic style.

Father's Day Shopping at Intu Chapelfield

House of Fraser. This is your one stop shop for all things for men. So if you’re short on time, head here first! I couldn’t believe the range of styles and different brands within the men’s section. From Ted Baker to Ralph Lauren and the more reasonably priced own brands, there will be something for every Dad. As you enter the second floor they even have a Father’s Day display showcasing their picks. They also had a few good deal on with certain brands, where some things were buy one, get one half price.

Father's Day Shopping at Intu Chapelfield

House of Fraser also sell a range of men’s leather goods, little bits for the home and have a few different grooming brands. One of my favourite skincare Brands Khiels have a pretty good offer on. They are inviting Dad’s in for a personal consultation, a mini facial and/or three samples. So if you’re unsure what to get him take him along for a little treat.

Father's Day Shopping at Intu Chapelfield

Zara. It turns out that the mens section of Zara is just as good as the women’s section. If your Dad likes to be on trend you’ll find something here. They had a good mix of classic items such as jumpers and shirts alongside more trend led pieces. If you have kids you could probably do a double whammy and find something in here for your other half as well as your Dad.

Father's Day Shopping at Intu Chapelfield

River Island. The top floor of River Island is packed full on trend led men’s clothing, accessories, sunglasses, bags and shoes. So if your Dad likes wearing the latest style, you’ll find something that he will love here. If he has an upcoming holiday this would be a great place to pick him up some new pieces too. There was a definite holiday and festival vibe going on in the mens section.

Father's Day Shopping at Intu Chapelfield

Office. If you get your shoe addiction from you dad head to office. From trainers, to brogues, from the classic to the modern footwear they have you covered. I loved the suede shoes above – they were gorgeous!

H&M Man. The top floor has a good range of mens clothing, covering from everything from the super casual to the nice and smart. It’s a great place to come for affordable clothes or if you’re on a bit of a budget as H&M are known for their great value items.

Remember that Boots also sell a huge range of Men’s grooming products and gifts. So if you have the willpower to ignore all of the amazing make up and skincare head there!

For the Tech and Gadget Lovers 

Father's Day Shopping at Intu Chapelfield

Menkind. Aka the Man shop. They sell just about everything in here. Think drones, watches, joke presents and cool little gadgets. So if your Dad is a bit of a big kid this store would be your best bet!

Apple. Now Apple is definitely on the pricier end of the scale. But if you’ve got a big budget and a dad who loves tech this would be a good place to start. From iPads to accessories and everything in between there will be something cool for the tech geeks out there.

For the music lovers and film buffs 

Father's Day Shopping at Intu Chapelfield

HMV. I was really surprised at the huge range of things, other than DVD’s and CD’s that HMV sell. They have cool little nik naks, vinyls and record players just to name a few. I could have spent hours in there perusing through the music section. If like my Dad yours is a Beatles fan they have lots of Beatles CD’s and memorabilia to commemorate the 50th Anniversary of Sargent Peppers Lonely Hearts Club. If my Dad was an avid reader I would have picked him up a gorgeous looking Beatles coffee table book.

Finally, if your Dad is a football fan intu Chapelfield is home to the Canaries store, which sells a million and one types of Norwich City Merch. If your Dad loves sports, Sports Direct would be a good place to go and grab him some new kit. Or if you want to pick him up something quirky, personalised or unique, head to the Lisa Angel stall on the Ground floor. They have a huge range of Father’s Day gifts and the girls are lovely too.

Phew! That was quite the run down!

What I bought my Dad

Father's Day Shopping at Intu Chapelfield

I picked up my Dad a couple of gifts. I knew he was after a pair of Chino shorts so I grabbed him a couple of classic pairs from House of Fraser and took advantage of their buy one get one half price deal. My Dad has more of a classic style so House of Fraser suited him down to the ground. I also spotted a couple of pairs in River Island and Zara that looked good, but weren’t quite him. Finally I picked him up Sargent Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club CD from HMV.  I did peruse the vinyl section for a while, but my Dad has such a huge collection that I didn’t want to pick him up something he already had. The next time they come to visit, I’ll be taking him to HMV in intu Chapelfield as he would be in his element!

So how was the experience? 

Father's Day Shopping at Intu Chapelfield

 Father’s Day shopping at intu Chapelfield was much easier than I had thought it would be. Granted it was really busy in there but I found shopping relatively stress free. I’d been oblivious to the huge range of men’s shops so actually finding something was much easier than I thought. We must have spent an hour going around all of the shops and buying gifts. It turns out that Dad’s aren’t hard to buy for because intu Chapelfield have you covered! I think the thought of Father’s Day shopping is much worse than the reality.

If you plan ahead, take a bottle of water and pencil in a pit stop you might even find that you enjoy it! I’d highly recommend doing Father’s Day shopping at intu Chapelfield after work. It tends to be quieter in the evenings and they open later on Thursdays. I’d make an evening out of it and treat yourself to a spot of dinner too! Before you go remember to check out their website or app to find the best deals! So there’s no need to buy him boring old socks after all!


This is an advertorial for intu Chapelfield, as always my opinion remains honest and unbiased.

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