Figbar Norwich

Figbar is the talk of the town at the moment. It’s been the place to visit since it opened a month or so ago. Nestled towards the bottom of St John Maddermarket in the heart of the lanes, Figbar Norwich has everything going for it. From amazing decor, to out of this world deserts and the bubbling atmosphere – it’s definitely the place to go to eat dessert and socialise with your favourite people. The concept is simple, it’s a dessert bar, something that Norwich didn’t have or even knew we needed until until it arrived.

Figbar Norwich

Figbar Norwich

Figbar Norwich is run by a husband and wife team that know their stuff about food. They’ve worked in some of the best restaurants in London so it’s safe to say that this fine city is lucky to have them! They are so friendly and down to earth too, every time I’ve been in they’ve had a smile on their face and have always been happy to chat. Whats more they are really accommodating – I can’t eat gluten but they have a gluten free option and they can tinker with the desserts to remove certain items. What a breath of fresh air!

Figbar Norwich Ceramics

It is so well thought out, from the amazing decor, do the gorgeous lighting and the amazing crockery, every single detail has been covered. It’s these small details and the laid back, yet bubbling atmosphere that makes the place really stand out. That’s before I’ve even spoken about the mouth-watering desserts!

Figbar Norwich Yuzu Brulee

Yuzu Brulee

Figbar Norwich Snickers and Prosecco

Snickers and local sparking wine

Figbar Norwich Bundt Cake and Coffee

Chocolate Bundt cake and an oat milk latte

When it comes to the desserts, a picture speaks a thousand word. All of the desserts that I have tried have been well-balanced, perfectly portioned and mouth-wateringly good! They are top-notch, well thought out luxurious desserts. It the kind of thing that you would never think of doing and it’s certainly nothing that you could re-create at home. The range on offer is incredible, whether you have a sweet tooth or you’re a savoury person there will be a dish or two for you! All of the desserts are made in view of your table which is a nice touch. The cakes are fresh and the bundt cake has been so in demand that I’ve watched them come straight out of the oven!

I can’t pick a favourite dessert if I’m honest. The Yuzu Brulee is perfect if you’re after something light, fruity and refreshing. The Snickers is perfect for that decadent treat and the bundt cake is great if you fancy a chocolate cake fix.  It’s so light, yet chocolatey with the perfect hint of marzipan.

The drinks are delightful too. I’m a big fan of the local sparkling wine, it works well with all of the desserts. The coffee is equally delicious too. In fact it’s some of the best in the city! I’m also a huge fan of the mugs the coffee is served in, they are so gorgeous and unusual.

You can probably tell that I’m a huge fan of Figbar Norwich and everything that they are doing. It’s certainly becoming one of my go to places to socialise. If you haven’t had chance to check it out yet – make space in your diary! Who can say no to delicious dessert and supporting a local independent business!

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  1. 5th August 2016 / 13:00

    I still haven’t managed to try it out here!! Reading this post has made my mouth water so much haha, I need to get my act together xx

    • ShelleyBeth
      5th August 2016 / 13:18

      You definitely have to go soon! It’s one of the best places I’ve been in a long time xo

  2. 5th August 2016 / 13:50

    Wow this looks so good! I really need to put more effort into researching restaurants in Norwich. Having not lived there for so many years I’m completely out of the loop and have no idea where to go! So every time we head back we end up in the Waffle House cos we don’t know where else to go! Next time we’re visiting I’m going to make more effort to go somewhere different!

    Chloe x

    • ShelleyBeth
      7th August 2016 / 14:52

      Drop me a message next time your down and I’ll recommend some new places 🙂 There’s so many good food places in Norwich at the moment! You can’t go wrong with the Waffle House though – I love it in there! xo

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