Five Coffee Table Books

I do love a good coffee table book, not only do they look pretty perched on the corner of a table but they are the kind of book that you can flick through over and over again. I adore fashion books and could spend hours and hours soaking up knowledge and inspiration. The good thing about them is they tend to look gorgeous too. Coffee table books are also a good way of easing yourself back into reading – which is what I’m trying to do this year. It’s going pretty well so far. So if you’re a fashion or beauty lover like me, here are five coffee table books to add to your collection.

Five Coffee Table Books

Alexander McQueen – Savage Beauty 

Five Coffee Table Books - Alexander McQeen Savage Beauty

This book is beefy, gorgeous and perfect to flick through making it the ultimate coffee table book. Or at least it’s my favourite of the bunch! I have a bit of a thing about McQueen, I adored his designs, ethos and creative methods of protesting or telling a story.

Savage Beauty is the book based on the exhibition at the Metropolitan Museum of Arts, which told the story of McQueen’s collections. The book opens with a brief history of the brand before moving through his most iconic looks. It’s designed as a retrospect of his incredible work. You can’t help but fall in love with him. The quality of this book is second to none, the photographs are simply stunning, the paper feels luxurious and the cover is incredible. I mean look at it! If it you hold the book one way you see the god that is Alexander McQueen and hold it another way he turns into one of his iconic skulls. It’s a must for any fashion lover, especially if you went to the exhibition at the V&A.

Lisa Eldridge – Facepaint The Story of Makeup

Five Coffee Table Books - Lisa Eldridge Facepaint

In this gorgeous book, Lisa Eldridge takes you through the history of make up. It is split into two sections – ‘The Ancient Palette’ focusing on the history of Red’s, White’s and Black’s, and ‘The Business of Beauty’ – looking at the history, trends and developments through the eye of the cosmetics industry. Each section contains a wealth of interesting information alongside beautiful images. There are also profiles on some of the most infamous beauty icons. It is such an easy, yet informative read. The book should come with a warning though – once you start reading you won’t be able to stop!

Lauren Conrad – Style 

Five Coffee Table Books -Lauren Conrad Style

When the style queen from The Hills comes out with a fashion book – you buy it! It’s a nice one to have out on the table for a bit of nostalgia. Style is split into three section – fashion, beauty and lifestyle. The fashion section takes you through different styles, staple pieces, how to build a wardrobe and beyond. The beauty and lifestyle sections focus on hair, make up, work, travel and events.  It’s the kind of book that both fashion lovers and beginners will like. It contains the basics alongside a wealth of information about the small things that can often get forgotten. The clean layout and gorgeous pictures make this books a nice and easy read too.  You could say it’s one of the original ‘lifestyle’ guides that are now back in fashion thanks to the YouTuber’s who are releasing them.

The ‘Vogue On’ Series 

Five Coffee Table Books - Vouge on McQueen

If you’re a fashion nerd the ‘Vogue On’ series will be right up your street. I have both the McQueen book and the Gianni Versace books. When it comes to fashion who better to tell the tale of some of the most famous designers than British Vogue? In this series Vogue tell the story of influential designers, through interviews, anecdotes from editors who worked with them and gorgeous images from the Vogue archives. If you want a light and easy read about your favourite designers – the Vogue on series is for you. Did I mention it looks pretty cool on a coffee table too?

60’s Fashion – Vintage Fashion and Beauty Ad’s

Five Coffee Table Books - 60's fashion

This is the book that started my coffee table book obsession! As the name suggests this book is packed full of vintage fashion and beauty adverts. I love flicking through this one. It’s one of those books that you can peruse over and over again. I love looking at how ‘old fashioned’ some of the adverts are. It’s nice to see that advertising has come a long way since then! It would make a lovely gift for any fashion or vintage lover too.

It was hard to narrow this post down to just five coffee table books as I have so many! I’ll have to do another post like this soon as I’ve just finished reading a couple more coffee table books.

Which books are on your coffee table?




  1. 25th April 2017 / 13:39

    I drive Simon MAD with coffee table books, he doesn’t understand why I have them there and is forever trying to move them. When I refuse to let him he then piles loads of gaming magazines in the opposite corner and argues that he can do that because it’s the same as my books! Grrrrr!

    So want that Lauren Conrad book, been looking at it for ages! There’s a definite space on my coffee table for it!

    • ShelleyBeth
      25th April 2017 / 19:15

      Hamish is he same, he always sneaks one of his gaming mags into the stack! Which books are on your table at the moment? I’m always on the lookout for more. You could always make the LC book a payday treat 😉

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