Five Things I’m Looking Forward to this Spring

Spring has well and truly sprung. The blossom is making an appearance on the trees, my daffodils are in bloom and the sun is starting to shine.  It’s all rather wonderful. I tend to get a new lease of life at this time of year and re-discover my motivation. The world starts to wake up a little, people are peeling off the layers and coming out of hibernation. I have a lot of exciting things  coming up, so I thought I’d share five things I’m looking forward to this spring.  Let me know your five in the comments!

Five things I'm looking forward to this Spring

1 – The longer, lighter days – There’s nothing better than waking up in the light and still being able to walk home in it. When it’s light outside I’m more motivated and a whole lot happier – perhaps it’s the extra Vitamin D working its magic! It makes me more productive and it’s a lot easier to blog after work. It also means that those long and hazy summer nights are just around the corner.

2 – Norfolk and Norwich Festival – From 12th-28th May a series of incredible arts events are happening all across the city. I was lucky enough to go to the launch of the festival a few weeks ago and I’m rather excited. This year you can visit the moon, experience all four seasons in one day, ride a giant mechanical jellyfish and be amazed at Super Sunday. There are so many events happening, so whether you’re a musical lover, a literary fiend, want to laugh until your sides split or experience something out of this world, there will be the show for you.

3 – The Bluebell Walk in Foxley Wood – This year Hamish and I are determined to see the bluebells. We went a little too early last year! We’ve seen the Snowdrops at Walsingham Abbey so it’s only right we see the bluebells too. From the pictures I’ve seen it’s supposed to be nothing short of stunning!

4 – Spring Fashion – It’s time to tuck those chunky knits away and inject some colour into your wardrobe. I’ve been lucky enough to attend two Norwich Fashion Week shows and the Topshop Norwich Show so far this year. I have the closing Fashion Excess Show on Friday and I’m feeling all inspired for my spring wardrobe. Goodbye winter boots – hello funky sandals and dare I say some colour?!

5 – The Rum Festival – The Rum Festival is on tour – coming to a city near you! From 12th-13th May it lands in Norwich for a whole weekend of rum fuelled fun. If you know me, you’ll know it my spirit of choice, so I’m looking forward to trying a range of rums and channelling Captain Jack Sparrow.  Theres over 100 to choose from and a range of cocktails, it’ll be a heavenly weekend of fun.



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  1. 29th March 2017 / 16:07

    I am so ready for spring but I feel like it’s taking longer and longer to come around each year – maybe I’m just impatient. I’m looking forward to; Longer days – being able to leave work in the light and actually take photos sometime other than a weekend. Warmer weather – not having to take a huge coat everywhere I go, I’m going to settle for a light jacket and of course, an umbrella. Greenery – Plants, trees, grass, bushes COME BACK TO LIFE. Slam Dunk in May – The weather was absolutely gorgeous last year, I’m so hoping for the same this year. And finally the clothes, I’m so bloody sick of jumpers and not knowing what to wear because the weather is awful. I need stability lol. Have a fab spring! Roll on summer! X

    Hollie |

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