What I Ate Wednesday (Gluten Free)

I love watching these videos and reading these kinds of posts, so I thought I would do my own and try and make it a regular thing. If you’ve read TSD before you may know that I can’t eat Gluten, Wheat or certain types of dairy. So this is a little free from version. I’m also on a little New Years mission to eat my 5 a day! I had the day off of work when I did this post, so the food has slightly varied from the norm as I had to nip out and there are certainly less snacks! So here’s my gluten free what I ate Wednesday.

What I Ate Wednesday - Gluten Free

Breakfast – Porridge is my go to breakfast because I love the versatility of it. Everyday you can mix it up a bit but still have a warm and hearty meal. I’m in love with my porridge mug too! Today I opted for sultanas and frozen mixed berries. I always drink a smoothie or juice in the morning too, as it’s an easy way of upping my fruit and veg.

With this I had a pint of squash and a coffee too.

Snack – I grabbed an almond milk mocha from Cupcake and Co as my mid morning snack. If I was in the office I would have reached for a flapjack or a fruit bar.

Lunch – This weeks lunch is a Mexican bean and rice salad. It is delicious. It’s made of white basmati rice, an avocado, a red pepper, spring onions, kidney beans, black eyed beans, sweetcorn and a lime and paprika dressing. I added some left over pork to the top too. As ‘desert’ I indulged in a creme egg brownie from Cupcake and Co. I washed it all down with a pint of squash.

If I was at work I’d have had some lentil chips and an apple or some other type of fruit after the salad, instead of the brownie.

Snack – I was little hungry around 5pm so I grabbed a pack of fresh pineapple to munch on. It was delicious and kept me going until dinner. I really love fresh pineapple, I need to buy it more!

Dinner – Today we were on a mission to eat up some leftovers as we have a tiny freezer. I had some left overs from our roast dinner, a load of broccoli, ┬ároasted carrots, roast potatoes and I added a tiny bit of pork. It was delicious and rather filling. Again it was washed down with a pint of squash.

Finally, I had a lovely cup of peppermint tea before heading to bed.

What do you normally eat in a day?



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