Healthy Eating Tips and Tricks

For the last few years, (yes you read that right…years.) I’ve been on a bit of a mission to try and eat healthier. My inability to eat gluten, wheat and some forms of dairy has helped a lot as I know I flat out cannot eat them. What it hasn’t helped with is trying to eat more fruit and vegetables. I’ve always struggled with this, but this year, so far, I’ve been hitting my 5 a day, every day target. So I thought I would share a few healthy eating tips and tricks that have been helping me along the way.

A bowl of berries

1 – It’s a marathon, not a sprint – It going to take quite a while to break bad eating habits or routines that you’ve been following for how ever many years. Once you accept this, the rest will come a bit easier.

2 – Start small – you and the only person that knows you best. Break up your goals into small weekly or monthly chunks. For example week 1 – I’m going to mix fruit in with my breakfast, week 2- I’ll add a juice or smoothie in. You get my drift.

3 – It’ OK if you can’t cut that one thing out (unless you’re intolerant or allergic to it of course.) For me chocolate has always been that weakness, so I’ve been replacing my chocolate craving with a hot chocolate or Medjool dates. However, I’ve been allowing myself some dark chocolate every now and again. I know I’ll never not eat chocolate and that’s OK. I just need to learn to not see it as a reward or everyday fuel.

4 – Sneak in fruit and veg – I’ve worked out eating fruit as part of my breakfast is easy as I am on auto pilot and don’t really think about what I want first thing. I’ve found adding berries to my cereal and drinking a smoothie is an easy way to boost my intake. (Morrisons do amazing smoothies, that are always on 2 for £3.) I’m a big fan of drinking juices and smoothies as actually eating fruit is the thing I struggle with! It’s also easy to sneak in vegetables to sauces. I’ve been adding peppers, onion and mushrooms to most of my sauces for a while now.

5 – If you do something long enough it will become part of your routine. It may be hard to start but it gets easier and more ‘normal’.

6 – It’s OK not to like everything! We all have food we can’t stand (I’m looking at you parsnips.)

7 – If you’re struggling look back and remind yourself how well you have done. Keeping a food diary or check list will help you with this. Seeing a visual record of progress helps you focus on the positives!

8- Don’t shop hungry – If the food isn’t in your cupboard you can’t eat it! Shopping on an empty stomach is a nightmare, you’ll end up with a basket full of things you don’t need.

9- Meal Prep – Making your own packed lunches will make you stay away from all of those unhealthy treats on offer. It’ll also save you a lot of money, as will meal planning and only shopping for those.

10 – If you have an off day work out why. It’ll help to write it down, so next time you’ll know the warning signs and be able to stick to your healthy plan.

I’m glad I’ve finally got around to writing these down, it’ll be a nice little reminder for myself and hopefully these tips will have helped at least one person reading this!

What your healthy eating tips and tricks?




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