Hyped S**t I Just Don’t Get!

After blogging for just under two years, there are quite a few things that annoy me about blogging, but that’s a whole other post. My pet peeve inside and out of the blogging world is hype. Anything that is hyped up, is generally off of my radar, as everyone talking about the same thing drives me insane! Prime examples of this are me stopping watching Game of Thrones, not watching the rest of the Twilight moves, disliking new Benefit launches, as they are plastered all over the same blogs on the same days and my dislike of Topshop.  Obviously there are other reasons behind a few of those, but you know, you get the point.

So today I am chatting about things that have gotten a lot of hype and why they aren’t worth it.
There’s definitely things that I have forgotten on this list, but we can save those for another time!

If you are offended easily, don’t read this and please remember this is MY opinion, based on my experiences, I am entitled to it, so don’t tell me I’m wrong because yours differs. I am interested in hearing your opinions too.
Please read in a light hearted way!


Barry M Gelly Nails – The entire world seems to love these, I’m not so much a fan. I’m not a fan of Barry M in general as I find the polishes to be streaky, hard to apply and the chip so easily. I also don’t think the Gelly nails look like gel nails. You really need to be a pro or have the patience of a saint to get these polishes to work. The Rimmel 60 seconds polishes are way better than these, all you need is a shiny top coat and voila, nice shiny nails.

Seasonal Make Up – Oh look its Autumn and everyone is wearing a darker, berry lip. How freaking original! Seasonal make up bugs me, what’s wrong with berry lips in the summer? I thought the point of make up was to express yourself…why does everyone feel the need to follow the ‘rules’?! Don’t even get me started on people wearing black lipstick because its now cool…grrrrr

MAC Foundations – This may just be down to my bad experience with MAC, but I really hate them and don’t rate them at all. I was colour matched wrong and given a foundation that smelt awful and smothered my skin and suffocated it. I tried to work with it, mix it with a white foundation but I just don’t like them. A complete waste of money, luckily I managed to sell mine on, so it wasn’t too bad.

I also hate the atmosphere in the stores I’ve been in, its so intimidating!


Primark – It may be cheap but I don’t get the fascination with this store. It’s full of morons that shove you out of the way to grab that ‘must have’ item, that is poor quality and fits hideously. The sizing it crap and so is the quality of most of the clothes. I can never find any good clothes in there. Case and point, I was with someone who is a size 16 and a size 6 ‘oversize’ crop top was baggy on her, safe to say it drowned me. It’s not a good look.

The only saving point of this store is the jewellery and Pj’s, once you spend and hour hunting through the chavvy crap that is.

Topshop –  Over priced, bad quality shit that doesn’t fit and ruins your self esteem.

Or at least that’s my experience with Topshop. Did I mentioned the bitchy staff that judge you too?


Charity Challenges – Controversial but hear me out on this one.

I hate being forced to do anything, I hate people who do things for like or attention and the combination of the two is not good. Whatever happened to people being charitable and donating a little, where they can to a cause of their choice, without singing and dancing about it. Charity races and fun days are all good, but there is nothing worse than being hassled on the street by someone being paid to do so. There’s also nothing more annoying than these hyped up charity challenges where you nominate someone.

Just give to Charity where you can people and don’t broadcast it! I’m so over this trend.

What bits and bobs aren’t worth the hype in your opinion?




  1. 19th September 2014 / 18:32

    I TOTALLY agree about the charity thing! i am so glad someone thinks the same as me! 🙂

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