IPL Hair Removal At Fade Beauty Norwich

Body hair, is one of those things that we all have, but it rarely gets talked about. I’m an unfortunately hairy person (thanks Dad!) After years of shaving, failed attempts at DIY waxing and being awkward about it, I decided to try IPL Hair Removal at Fade Beauty. IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) offers a more permanent solution for hair removal, the pulses of light transmit heat down to the hair follicle which kills the hair off at the root. It sounds painful, but I found it to be pain-free and rather relaxing!

IPL Hair Removal At Fade Beauty Norwich

Fade Beauty can be found in quiet and private surroundings on Surrey Street in Norwich City Centre. The treatment room is relaxing, comfortable and rather homely. Kat, the owner, is fully qualified in IPL treatments and even has her certificate from the University of Manchester proudly on display. She is fully insured too, so you are definitely in safe hands.

IPL Hair Removal At Fade Beauty Norwich

Before starting my treatment Kat and I discussed what to expect and she answered any questions I had. In order to be able to have an IPL treatment I had to fill in forms and discuss any medical issues I had. If you do have a medical condition (like me) it’s worth talking through with Kat. She was professional and compassionate throughout.

IPL Hair Removal At Fade Beauty Norwich

I lay down on the bed and Kat cleaned my underarms and popped on some IPL gel. I then put on a pair of rather fetching goggles before the treatment began. The IPL machine has a frozen head that is used for hair removal, which is key in making the treatment pain free. It cooled my skin as the light pulsed and it felt so refreshing. We’ve been having hot weather in Norwich recently so anything cooling on the underarms is amazing!

The treatment was quick, relaxing and I didn’t feel any pain at all. After each arm was completed Kat gently removed the IPL gel and put some soothing aloe vera gel under my arms. She said my skin was a little pink straight after the treatment – but that was to be expected. It didn’t feel uncomfortable or painful at all.

IPL Hair Removal At Fade Beauty Norwich

Over the next few weeks the hair under my arms will start to fall out. I’m writing this post its four days later and I’ve noticed that my hair isn’t growing as quickly. Normally, I would have to shave under my arms every two days – it’s been three since I last shaved and the growth is the equivalent of leaving it a day. For me – that’s really impressive!

One of the great things about IPL is that you can shave in the weeks coming up to your treatment, after it and in between appointments. Kat recommended that I didn’t shave the day before the treatment so she could easily see where the hairs were. My first experience with IPL has been a positive one. If body hair is something you are concerned about I’d recommend making an appointment with Kat. She will be able to talk you through everything and do a test patch before you commit to the treatment. You’ll find a wealth of knowledge on The Fade Beauty website. So if you have body hair you want to get rid of more permanently (whether you’re male, female or transitioning) Kat provides a simple solution, in a safe and private environment.

Fade Beauty also offer Tattoo Removal and a wide range of make up services. You can find Kat on Twitter too.

Have you tried IPL before?


This treatment was provided free of charge, as always my review is honest and un-biased. I will be returning for more treatments.

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