Kung Po Prawn Recipe – Quick, Simple and Delicious

You can’t beat a good chinese dish for a bit of comforting indulgence on the darker evenings. Luckily enough for us we live a two-minute walk about from on of the best take outs in the city – Hong Kong Fusion on Unthank Road. Let’s face it there’s only so much takeaway you can eat though! Sometimes it’s nice to cook your own, healthier version of some of your favourites. With me being a gluten-free Gertrude, it means I can swap the soy sauce for tamari and eat a wider range of dishes. Following on from last weeks homemade pizza post, today I’m sharing my current favourite fakeaway – a Kung Po Prawn recipe.

Kung Po Prawn Recipe

You Need:

1 tsp of gram flour,

2 tbsp tamari (or soy sauce),

400g large raw prawns (Indonesian Tiger Prawns are the best)

2 tbsp japanese rice vinegar

1 tbsp tomato purée

1 tsp coconut sugar (caster works too)

2 tbsp ofgroundnut oil

85g unsalted peanuts

4 heaped tsp of very lazy chopped chilli

1 x 225g can of water chestnuts, drained

1 x 225g can of bean sprouts, drained

3 tsp chopped garlic,

2 heaped tsp of very lazy garlic

To Do:

Mix 1 tbsp of tamari and the gram flour together to form a paste. Mix in the prawns, ensuring they are completely covered before leaving to marinade for 10 minutes.

Stir together the remaining tamari, tomato puree, vinegar, sugar and 2 tbsp of water together to form a sauce.

When the prawns are ready heat up a frying pan with 1 tbsp of oil and fry the prawns until golden and crisp. Set aside on a plate before adding another tbsp of oil and stir frying the peanuts, bean sprouts, water chestnuts for two minutes.

Then add the chilli and garlic and continue to stir fry for another minute.

Tip in the prawns and the sauce and let it reduce for a couple of minutes.

This is amazing served with spiralised carrots or rice noodles.

There you have it – a delicious Kung Po Prawn recipe that is quick, and simple. You can throw this together in less than half an hour so it’s perfect for weeknights as well as weekends.

What’s your favourite Chinese recipe?



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