Lauren Conrad Style

Lauren Conrad Style – “Unlocking the mysteries of being effortlessly chic”

 I have always been a fan of Lauren Conrad, she has incredible style and I have never seen her having an off day, so I was interested in reading her tips and tricks.  This book covers everything from building a wardrobe of basics, smart shopping, accessorising and her style commandments.

A lot of the things covered are common sense things that we all know or will have all read at some point, but it is useful to have those tips and reminders all in one gorgeous book. I have also learnt a lot from reading this and it has changed my mindset about clothes and dressing up.

I was particularly a fan of the travel section, as a girl that cannot pack light, I will have this book next to me when I go on my travels next.

The book not only contains amazing information but it is accompanies by beautiful photographs on the glossy pages. The book look expensive and it has a sleek, clean layout that is easy to follow, there are little anecdotes and tales here and there too.

Lauren Conrad Style is like a little fashion bible with simple steps to follow to harness your style and wardrobe. It is well worth a read, whether you are a styling novice or a fashion super star.

All in all I would recommend this book to you all, you never know what you might learn!


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