The Lazy Girls Guide to Dressing Well

I don’t know about you, but dressing well and early mornings just don’t go together! I have a thing about always trying to look put together or somewhat ‘fashiony’ but I don’t have hours to spare to choose an outfit. Unfortunately planning an outfit the night before just isn’t something I can get behind. Nine times out of ten I just don’t have time and if I ever do, my outfit is unsuitable for the damn British weather then next morning.  Instead I’ve been building a wardrobe of pieces that I can throw on to look like I’ve made an effort. Combine this with a couple of beauty hacks and you’re good to go!  So without further ado here’s my lazy girls guide to dressing well.

Lazy Girls guide to dressing well 1 Lazy Girls guide to dressing well 1

Know your wardrobe – This is definitely the most important point! Always have in mind your staple pieces and the bits you love wearing. This will come in handy when shopping, this way you’ll only buy items that fit with your style favourites.

Find out what looks good on you – Work out which shapes and style of clothing fit you. By having clothes that fit well and look good, you’ll automatically look more pulled together.

Find those key items  – Pay attention to the clothes you love wearing and build your wardrobe around these. You can’t go wrong with a variation on well-fitting jeans and a t-shirt. Likewise a shirt dress will always look smart and works all year around. Tailored coats and jackets are key on cooler days, these will make you look smart and put together in seconds.

If in doubt reach for something black – That’s basically my life motto! There’s just something about an all black ensemble that says chic…Unless those items are coming to the end of their life.

Smart Shoes and Bag – Having a smart go-to pair of shoes and a handbag can change the look of an outfit in seconds. If they’re always handy it means you can grab them and go without any effort at all! My Biba bag is my failsafe day-to-day bag. I always grab my beloved DKNY bag for night’s out. Shoe wise you can’t go wrong with a pair of black leather boots, pointed toe heels or smoking slippers. Marks and Spencer is the best place to discover good quality, smart shoes and bags.

It’s all in the pairings – Playing with textures adding an interesting dimension to any outfit. Little details such as a faux fur collar can add an ‘expensive look’ to your outfit.  Mixing a smart outfit with a couple of casual items is the easiest way to pull of a ‘cool fashiony’ look without trying hard. Thanks to Laura Stafford-Smith I’m a big fan of pairing a slogan tee with pointed heels and a metallic midi skirt,

Nails – The power of a good manicure is incredible. Having your nails painted tend to give you an air of being pulled together. I’ve been getting into the habit of painting mine whilst watching TV in the evenings. The key to a long-lasting manicure is a good base and top coat. At the moment I’m using a Revlon base coat and an OPI plumping top coat, but the best long-lasting nail polish has to be the Essie Gel Couture range.

Hair –  I have four go-to, fuss free styles. The freshly washed blow dry, a ‘cool looking’ half up half down style. A low ponytail for the days I’m going for a classic look or a high bun. Work out a handful of styles that suit you, that are quick and simple to do first thing.

The bold lip – This hides a multitude of sins and screams that you’re confident and well-groomed.  Combine this with a boss ass pair of sunglasses and you’re on fire!

There’s honestly no better feeling than delving into your wardrobe knowing that you can mindlessly grab an outfit and look like you’ve made an effort. Hand’s up – who else is all about the easy life?




  1. 6th April 2017 / 20:14

    YES I need this! I am the world’s biggest scruff bag! Every January I tell myself that this is the year I’ll dress like a grownup and look more put together yet I never seem to pull it off!

    In all honesty I think I need to sort my wardrobe out!

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