Lisa Angel, Norwich

Nestled in the heart of the Norwich lanes you’ll find Lisa Angel, another one of the most instagramable shops in this fine city. They sell a wide range of jewellery, homeware, gifts and accessories. All of which is bang on trend, dainty and unique. There’s something in there for everyone, which makes it the perfect place to shop for gifts. If you’re not a Norwich local you can find Lisa Angel online too. At the Norwich Bloggers event in the Mash Tun, the lovely ladies at Lisa Angel were kind enough to gift me an item of  my choice. I went for a gorgeous gold bangle with leaf detailing. I am so in love with it! It’s barely left my wrist. They were kind enough to give out a discount code too, so keep scrolling to save yourself some pennies.

Lisa Angel

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Lisa Angel

Lisa Angel

How gorgeous is my feather bangle?! I love how dainty yet detailed it is, it adds a sophisticated yet fun touch to any outfit. It complements the gold detailing on both of my handbags (here & here) perfectly. It also has the option to be personalised which is a lovely touch, making it a cute gift. Personalization is a huge trend at the moment and Lisa Angel are certainly at the forefront of it.

I have quite a big wish list after wandering around the shop the other day, I’d love the feather bangle in silver, the chevron necklaces and anything and everything with watermelons or flamingoes on! They also have a range of instagramable prints with positives quote on. The unicorn one is my personal favourite.  The List goes on and on!

If you fancy treating yourself to some personalised jewellery, some adorable bits of homeware or if you have birthdays coming up, why not save yourself 10% with the code LANWCH15 (expires 10/09/16)

What’s on your wish list? I might do a post on mine!



This is not a sponsored post, this item was gifted to me, I genuinely love it and I have featured it of my own accord. I've been a fan of Lisa Angel for a long time so all opinions are honest etc.

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