A Long Cardigan – A Spring and Summer Essential

I have a bit of thing about swishy clothes. Yes that’s right, swishy clothes! Whether it’s full midi skirts or dresses with a bit of movement I’m all over them. I mean who doesn’t want to pretend that they’re a princess as they twirl around the living room? Or imagine they’re a supermodel as the wind blows their hair and swishy clothes back? I’m hoping it’s not just me. My latest swishy obsession is my new long cardigan from New Look. It’s the perfect thin layer for those cooler days, plus it looks pretty cool too.

Long Cardigan OOTD

This thin knitted long cardigan is the perfect for wearing under a leather jacket for a bit of warmth. I like how the different lengths adds something a little different to an ordinary outfit. It also looks amazing over a shirt dress or a shorter skirt. In the summer it will the perfect piece for throwing on over shorts and a t-shirt when the sun goes down.

Long Cardigan OOTD

Now onto the most important bit – the swish factor. It’s has bucket loads of it thanks to some cleverly placed slits on the side of the cardigan giving it that all important swish factor! You know those pictures of celebs at Coachella with the long kimono’s flowing in the desert wind? Well this gives the same effect, just in grey old Norwich…

Long Cardigan OOTD

I used to own a knitted black long cardigan from Boohoo and I wore it to death. So I was determined to find a better quality one, which is why this one walked into my life. It’s much better made, it seems hard-wearing and should last a long time. At £19.99 it not bad value for money either. They have their long cardigan’s in a range of colours too, which is rather tempting as I know my black one will be a spring/summer staple.

One of these days I’ll master the art of outfit photos….Are you all about the swish?



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