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For as long as I can remember I had always been fascinated with Lush. I grew up in a tiny village next to a small town, where the shops were un-inspiring to say the least. A short drive or train ride away were the big cities and shopping malls that I used to love visiting. Without fail I would always find a Lush, you could smell it a mile off and I always remember my mum going in to pick up the Lush Times and have a browse.
Their products always looked so appealing and I had always wanted to try them out. Growing up I had eczema and was I sensitive to a lot of things, I also hated baths, so trips to Lush always resulted in no purchases for me.

Fast forward to this summer and I was getting fed up of my skin, more specifically I was fed up of the constant outbreaks of pesky spots. So I embarked on finding a new skincare routine suited to me. After trawling through tons of beauty blogs I finally made up my mind. I was going to Lush and I needed one of their masks. I had gone in with the intention of getting Cosmetic Warrior, but it was fresh and I was doing a lot of travelling that month. I spoke to the lovely shop assistant (they have the best staff in there!) and she recommended the Mask of Magnaminty.
The rest they say, is history.

315g – £9.15 from Lush.

First off, I love the packaging. I don’t quite know why, it just look lovely and screams Lush! It is sturdy, easy to unscrew and keep clean. Basically it does its job well. It also fits nicely into my bathroom cabinet, with enough room to place my headband on top.

 When opening the product for the first time, I immediately noticed the smell. It is all kinds of minty freshness! The scent is just right, it is not over powering or annoying, you get used to the smell once it is on your face. So far a big thumbs up!

 The colour of the product is a little disconcerting! It is a pale green colour and the mask feels really grainy and textured. It applies to the skin really well and it is easy to apply the right amount. It is a product that you can layer up, so whack on as much, or as little as you like. Leave on your face for 10 or 15 minutes, until the product is dry and then wash off.

The grainy texture of the mask comes into play once it is dry. Once the oils and the mask has worked its magic, making the skin feel soft and bringing any nastiness to the surface, the graininess, acts as a gentle exfoliator to get rid of the horrible stuff.

You are suppose to wash this off with a muslin cloth or a flannel, but I have been using my hands and it works fine. The exfoliating nature of the dry mask, is gentle and not at all harsh or irritating to the skin.

 After the first use I noticed a massive difference in my sin. Firstly, it felt fresh and clean. My skin was the softest it had ever been and any excess oil had gone. My pores seemed smaller and any little spots had vanished. The larger and harder spots (ew, sorry!) had been softened and they were less painful. Some had softened so much that it allowed the puss to escape, relieving the pressure in my face. (Sorry for the grossness!)

After using this I felt relaxed and pampered, coupled with a cup of chamomile or peppermint tea, this is bedtime, relaxation heaven. I’ve used the mask in the morning too and the peppermint oil, really helps you to wake up!

Now onto the clever stuff.

The people at Lush are so smart. The product definitely does what it says on the tin!

“The first thing about this mask is that it has to go on easily over the skin. It is what we call ‘slip’ in the industry. On sensitive skin you don’t want anything that drags, because it can cause already disrupted skin to inflame and go puffy. So we have used a combination of bentonite gel, talc, kaolin and vegetable glycerine, to enable you to gently smooth this over your face and get great coverage.

We have then added ground aduki beans and evening primrose seeds to give you the option of gently scrubbing your face for a few minutes when you are removing this, to get rid of any dead skin. Honey is added because it will moisturise the skin but is also antiseptic. Finally we have peppermint oil to stimulate the blood and give a cool feeling and marigold oil and chlorophyllin to help treat the skin.

We have also tried lots of different exfoliating ingredients. When it comes to scrubbing ingredients, we do not like to use synthetic grains like some companies – so we search instead for the perfect natural material to supply the kind of scrub effect needed by each individual product. For Mask of Magnaminty what was needed was a material with rounded edges that scrubbed but couldn’t do any damage or upset the skin with harsh behaviour.  We found that grinding aduki beans gave exactly the right thing we were looking for.

The peppermint in this product is also something that has been very carefully calculated. Peppermint will stimulate the blood vessels just below the skin’s surface and get things moving. But you don’t want to over stimulate and cause any irritation. We have the perfect amount in here to work with your body and wake up sluggish skin.”

All in all this is an amazing product, a little goes a long way, so it is definitely worth its price tag. I bought my tub at the end of July, I use it twice a week and I still have enough for two more uses.

The second my skin goes weird, I whack this mask on and it sorts it out. For anyone with combination, oily or spot prone skin that needs calming down. This is definitely the product for you.

I’m certainly picking up more products from Lush when I next pop in.

Does anyone have any recommendations for their skincare stuff?


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