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To state the obvious, moving is stressful! Especially when it is a long distance move. Over the past four years I have lived in 5 different houses in two different areas, so I have become used to having my life in cardboard boxes. Moving a lot is just part and parcel of being at University and so too is the obligatory move home to find a job that many of us have faced. However I now have a job and I have moved back to Norwich (again) so I thought I would share some of my moving tips with you. Some of them may be obvious, but I found the really obvious ones are the ones you forget!

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1 – Get Organised – A few weeks before you move collect all of the essentials – cardboard boxes, packing tape, newspaper and a sharpie. You can pick up boxes from any shop, packing tape is cheap and collect up those free newspapers to wrap fragile items in. 

2 – Bills, Bills, Bills! – Sort the bills before you move. If possible find out your energy supplier and contact them, speak to the water board of your local area and most importantly sort out your Internet AT LEAST two weeks in advance. That way you won’t be without Internet. (I rang up a week before and was without Internet for a few days.)

If you get bills estimated and sorted out it will make budgeting a lot easier.

For deciding which Internet to go for, ring Simplify Digital, they will be able to give you the best deals and tell you which providers can be used in your area, they will try and find a provider that won’t need an engineer out but more importantly they make it so simple and straightforward. As they are a regulated, neutral, third party, they have your interests at heart!

I found these guys to be amazing, I was about to buy an Internet deal with one company and it turned out they couldn’t be put into my flat for various reasons. So these guys saved me months of hassle.

 3- To Do – Lists are your best friends. Don’t leave everything until the lat minute (where possible) and break down the tasks into manageable chunks.

The most important to do list, will be the things to do when you first move in. (meter readings, switching on the fridge freezer etc)

4 – Delivery Is Your Best Friend – I got most things delivered to my new address the day after I got my keys. This saved me having to hire a van and store lots of furniture back home where I had no space.

I went to Ikea a couple of weeks before I moved to see the furniture in the flesh, then I ordered it online, to be delivered to my house.

The other useful thing I did was boosting m tesco clubcard points, meaning I used my points to buy most of my kitchen goods (kettle, microwave etc.)


5 – Pack Logically & Label – This is an obvious one, but pack up an entire room at a time, where possible and label the box with what’s in it.

I had to move in two parts, so for me it was important to prioritise my packing into things I would need for a week and non essential items that could be bought down later on that week.


6 – Use Moving Out As An Opportunity To Clear Out – I had been meaning to clear out for ages! however when I was going through stuff to pack, it was an easy way of binning things that I did not need and putting more up on ebay. I still have a lot of crap to sell, but it has helped put things into perspective.


7 – Think Before You Buy – Do I really need this? Does this go with my colour/ decoration scheme?

Think before you buy stuff and don’t buy it because it’s cute. I look at moving as a fresh start and somewhere that I can put a stamp on. Personally I want all of it to match and I don’t want it cluttered and full of crap.

8 – Once You’ve Moved Find Your Doctors etc – NHS Choices will show you where your nearest surgery it, how it is rated and whether thy are accepting new patients. It’s really important to get registered with a doctor, especially if it is a long distance move. I’m sure they have the same thing for dentists too… I’ve yet to do that as I hate the dentist!


So there are probably a billion and one things that I haven’t included, but the above are the things I did to make life a little smoother.

If you have any moving tips, leave them below 🙂



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