My Mental Wardrobe

We all have those moments where you open your wardrobe, find the piece you want to wear, imagine the look, before realising you don’t own any of the other clothes you need, nor will you ever own them and the whole outfit would be impractical for the day…but it’d look totally awesome. Which is where my mental wardrobe comes in.

The other day I had one of those days, followed by a bright idea to just blog about it. I discovered my cute Peter Pan Collar Jumper from Matalan and instantly knew I needed a Midi Circle Skirt, Strappy Heels and A Chained bag. In reality, walking a mile and a bit to work in those shoes would be impossible and well, I don’t have the balls to actually wear the outfit. So without further ado, here is the outfit I wish I wore…

My Mental Wardrobe

The Jumper // The Skirt // The Bag // The Shoes.

Cute, somewhat lady like, but a little badass thanks to the amazing wet look skirt. Which I need in my life ASAP! It would also look awesome with a midi tutu…the possibilities of a mental wardrobe are endless!

What’s in your mental wardrobe?




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