ShelleyFlix 4 – Netflix shows to banish the winter blues

Tis the season for battening down the hatches, bundling up and staying in. I don’t know about you, but I spend more time at home watching Netflix than going out during the winter. Lately, I’ve found myself drawn uplifting and funny shows – the kind that makes you forget about life and banish those winter blues. So here’s my pick of comedies and uplifting shows on Netflix – some are out-right ridiculous, others heart-warming, but they are sure to put a smile on your face.

ShelleyFlix 4 - Netflix shows to banish the winter blues


Dumplin’ is the only movie to make the list – I’m more of a series kind of girl but at 1 hour 50 minutes long it’s only like a few episodes of a show. Plus, it has Jennifer Anniston in and I adore her and pretty much everything she is in. Fun fact, we’re actually born on the same day, but, I digress. 

This is such a heart-warming, uplifting movie that is guaranteed to put a smile on your face. At times you’ll shed a tear but I was left with a fuzzy feeling after watching it. It tells the story of Lil Dumplin’ who is tired of not fitting into her mother (an Ex-pagent queen)’s world. Set along to a sound track of Dolly Parton she is hell bent on breaking the rules and setting a new beauty standard and ideal in traditional Texas. 

Friends From College 

Now in its second season, this comedies series follows the lives of thirty something New Yorker’s who we’re friends in college. It is a bit like a grown up (less slapstick and immature) version of How I Met Your Mother and not just because it has Coby Smulders in it. There’s secrecy, lies, drama and scandal all with a comedic tone. I’m not professing to see every show ever, but I’ve never come across a series looking at how friendship post college (or uni) develops. It’s a refreshing addition to the sitcom scene. 

Great News 

Ever wondered what working in a news room was like? Well, wonder no more…I joke, it’s definitely not this at all. Both Tina Fey and Nicole Richie star in this series which follows a bunch of reporters, producers and news readers around the office. The story centres around Katy who is desperate to prove her worth, when she finally get’s the opportunity to produce her own story, her slightly overbearing and controlling mother lands an internship in the news room. It all unfolds from there. If you think your place of work is unconventional or ridiculous – think again! 

Grace and Frankie

I’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned it before on here, and to every single person I know in real life. But, this really is one of the best shows that has come out recently. Not only is it hilarious but it tackles growing old in a humorous way and touches upon a huge variety of subjects that you wouldn’t normally see in TV shows. (Sex and vegan lube to only mention a few!) The fifth season sees cameos from Ru Paul and Nicole Riche. There’s been a whole host of famous faces in the previous seasons, too. I could sit and watch this all day long (and have.) I’ve well and truly fallen in love with Grace and Frankie, it really does show that it’s never too late to do anything.

Queer Eye 

The world and its dog has probably seen or heard about Quuer Eye, but it’s one of the best reality makeover shows I’ve ever seen. If you’re not aware of the format, the Fab Five go and help one person per show and makeover their house, style, grooming routine and work on deep mental health or confidence issues. One moment you’ll be wetting yourself laughter, the next you’ll be crying; but, fear not there’s always a happy ending. It’s such a heart-warming show. I really want the Fab 5 to be my BFF’s! 

Schitts Creek

The Roses – an incredibly affluent family find themselves broke and the only asset they have left is a town that they bought as a joke – Schitt’s Creek. The series, now in its fourth season, follows the trials and tribulations of the family trying to settle into to life in a run down, small country town. Naturally, when two opposing worlds collide hilarity. It’s an addictive, ridiculous and slapstick series that will have you hooked on the first few episodes. Yes, It’s so far from reality and so unbelievable but that’s all part of the magic. If you’re in need of something to make you feel a bit better after a rubbish day, then this is the show for you. 

The Good Place

So good that I’ve mentioned it twice on here. Not only is it funny and slightly ridiculous, but it touches on really big subjects and philosophies in a light-hearted way. I’ve found myself falling in love with the four humans who are trying to battle to get into The Good Place after dying on earth. Instead of going to the Good or the Bad Place they are being tested and slightly tortured by demons who control the points system which determines where you go when you die. Expect plenty of cliffhangers, heartwarming moment and those that make you want to scream at the TV. 

So go ahead buy some snacks, cosy on up and hit play on one of these shows to banish the winter blues. Are any of these your current favourites too?

P.S If none of these are your jam, you might want to read my previous posts in the ShelleyFlix series.



  1. 10th February 2019 / 09:06

    I’m SO behind everyone else but I’ve only recently got the Netflix obsession and now I’m hooked and going about telling everyone how great Netflix is .. always last to the party! Every time I scroll through I end up adding tons to my list!

  2. Flynn G
    19th February 2019 / 23:50

    These are all my faves!

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