Nine West Galiceno High Heel Sandals from Jarrold

Sometimes a pair of shoes accidentally come into your life and swiftly become a new staple, favourite or obsession. That’s exactly what happened with the Nine West Galiceno High Heel Sandals. They accidentally found their way into my shoe collection when I was shopping with my Mum in Jarrold a few weekends ago. Only I could manage to go shopping with someone, looking for clothes for them and end up buying a pair of shoes! It was fate though, they were on sale and happened to have one pair of my size left. There’s a nice bit of justification for you!

Nine West Galiceno High Heel Sandals

Nine West Galiceno High Heel Sandals

Originally purchased from Jarrold, but you can find them on sale here.

Nine West Galiceno High Heel Sandals

They are stunning aren’t they?! To me they are the perfect hybrid between classic, modern and trendy. A simple pair of black sandals never go out of fashion and providing they are comfortable, can become a staple in your wardrobe. The chunky buckle detail adds a modern and trendy edge to the Nine West Galiceno High Heel Sandals.

Practically speaking they are really comfortable, the suede is soft and forgiving and the style of the ankle strap means there’s no rubbing on the back of your heels. The heel height is around three inches, giving you enough height but allowing you to be able to walk easily. I have a half an hour walk to and from the office and I can easily do it in these.

They smarten up the most casual outfits and blend in nicely if you’re going for a more dressed up look. They fit seamlessly into my wardrobe, going well with everything bar my denim shorts, which is a win! They have proven to be my summer staple sandal so far this year. Let’s keep our fingers crossed for a dry spell so I can get some more wear out these gorgeous shoes.



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