Norwich Fashion Week Inspired Wishlist

If you follow me over on social media, you’ll have seen me spamming my feed with everything Norwich Fashion Week related. I was lucky enough to attend the Mercedes-Benz of Norwich Retailers Show, Dipple and Conway Hair and Makeup show, Topshop Charity Fashion Show and Fashion Excess. Since then my head has been filled with ideas of what I want I my SS17 wardrobe. It doesn’t take much convincing me to buy new clothes for the summer as it’s my favourite season. So today I thought I’d share a few snaps from the shows and a Norwich Fashion Week Inspired Wishlist of the items I’m lusting after.

P.s. If you want to see all of the looks from the shows, more pictures are over on my Facebook page (which you should all go and like!)

Norwich Fashion Week Retailers Show

Norwich Fashion Week Retailers Show

Dipple and Conway Hair and Make up Show

Dipple and Conway Hair and Make up Show

Topshop Norwich Fashion Show

The Norwich Fashion Week Inspired Wishlist 

Norwich Fashion Week Inspired Wishlist

Topshop Rain Mac – This is so darn cute! It’s both pretty and practical for the spring. Recently I’ve been rocking my Regatta jacket in the rain but it’s too thick and warm for this time of year. The cute fisherman-esq jackets are lightweight and gorgeous. The only problem is deciding which colour to go for!

Boohoo Ella Ruffled Tiered Blouse I mentioned in my last post that white shirts and t-shirts have taken a more interesting twist this season. I love this one from boohoo and I’m a huge fan of the shorter flared sleeves. In theory that means no dipping them in your coffee first thing!

Supergra Metallic Trainers from Jarrold – The easiest way to sneak some metallic into your outfit is via your shoes. There were a lot of metallic trainers on the Norwich Fashion Week catwalk. This pair from Jarrold look so comfortable and rather cool. If trainers aren’t your thing, why not go for some loafers or mules?

Monsoon Jumpsuit – This caught my eye in the Retailers Show. I’m obsessed with monochrome and stripes so it should fit perfectly into my wardrobe. It’s one of those pieces that you can dress up or down and wear in the Autumn as well.

H&M Unicorn Tee – Ok so I’m cheating with this one as I own it. But whimsical prints and patches are everywhere at the moment. This H&M tee is cheap, comfy and cute, so if this trend is out next season I won’t have wasted a whole heap of money! It’s time to get your slogan on…

L’oreal Paris Colourista Spray – There was a whole lot of bright and bold coloured hair in the Dipple and Conway show this year. These colour sprays are an easy way to introduce some colour in a cool and temporary way. I’m not sure that it’ll work on my dark hair but I am thinking of adding more purple next time I’m at the hairdressers.

Boohoo Red Culottes – All hail the culotte! I was all over this trend last year and I’m eyeing up more pair this year. I love how bright and bold this red pair are. It’s all about wearing one item of colour at the moment and it’s something I can get along with.

Monsoon Military Jacket – Military Jackets never go out of style. I adore this one as it reminds me of a grown up, cool version of the MCR Black Parade jackets. So naturally I’m lusting after this one, keeping teenage Shelley very happy!

What are you lusting after this season?



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