At this time of year it’s nice to reflect back and think about the year that’s gone by. Last year most of my memories are attached to a lovely little place I call home. Norwich. There’s just something about the place, that you can’t put your finger on. Whoever I speak to about the city agrees that there’s something that draws you in, or back from wherever you are in the world. So here’s my little homage to Norwich.


There’s always an impressive view wherever you go.

Norwich Cathedral View and Pigg Lane

Whether there be rain or shine or even snow.


The Cathedral towers over the city, surrounded by the old viking walls of Tombland,

Norwich Cathedral and Tombland

and the river wraps around the city, looking majestic on a snowy morning.

The Riverside and Arcade

Then there’s Christmas, where the arcade looks spectacular, Jarrold’s has its amazing decorations up and that special community/local vibe really shines through.

There’s no place like home.



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