OOTD | Stripes and Leopard Print

Stripes and leopard print paired with light denim and not a lot of black? You might be wondering if I’m feeling ok. Clearly the sun went to my head! I threw on this outfit to head into the city on a sunny weekend, that feels like a lifetime ago now.

OOTD - Stripes and Leopard Print

OOTD - Stripes and Leopard Print

OOTD - Stripes and Leopard Print

 Hamish: “Just be normal in front of the camera”

OOTD - Stripes and Leopard Print

Hamish: “At least try and pose!”

OOTD - Stripes and Leopard Print

You can see why I’m now pro fashion blogger now, even though I adore my clothes!

(That and I’m broke and always wearing out of season/stock clothes >. > )

This outfit was comfy and casual but it still looks cool and somewhat pulled together. The basic Matalan striped tee is a staple in my wardrobe, as is the H&M mini skirt. They seem to have lasted forever! The New Look leopard print trainers pop up on my instagram frequently as I live in them, when I’m not in my Steve Madden Boots. This over sized denim shirt is an item I’ve had for ages but it’s scared me a little. It’s almost too over sized and out of my comfort zone, but I’ve been trying to embrace that recently. It’s actually my Mum’s from the 80’s and I love it even more because of that. You can’t beat raiding relatives wardrobes sometimes!

What does your weekend casual outfit look like? Are you a fan of stripes and leopard print?

Is it complete with the must have accessory of an “out of shot” garden chair too?!



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