New In // Pandora Statement Black Spinel Ring

A few weeks before Graduation my parents told me they wanted to get me a graduation present. They had been looking for something that I would like and be able to keep forever. Apparently they had been looking at jewellery for a few weeks with no luck, as I’m picky and like to change my mind about things. So I was lucky enough to be able to pick out my own present. After traipsing around every jewellery shop in Chapelfield and trying on every black or alternate looking ring, I took a week out before I decided to settle on the Pandora statement black spinel ring.

Pandora Statement Black Spinel Ring
The Pandora Statement Black Spinel Ring is gorgeous, it caught my eye and I couldn’t get it out of my head. The large black, spinel gemstone is set around tiny cubic zirconia stones and on a slim silver band. It is elegant, classic and it will never go out of fashion. It complements my wardrobe and my style nicely. It makes me incredibly happy when I wear it and it is a little reminder of all of the hard work I put into my time at UEA.

I love wearing it, but I spend most of the time paranoid that it is going to slip off of my finger and I’ll lose it. That’s the way with precious bits of jewellery though.

I feel incredibly lucky and thankful to have this and I will treasure it forever.
It’s also made me think more about investing in nice pieces of jewellery for special occasions. So if you have any favourite stores or pieces, let me know!



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