Postcards From North Norfolk

 The North Norfolk Coast is probably the most exhilarating in the county. From unspoilt beaches, to stunning woodland, museums and historic villages it has it all. It’s also the perfect place to go for a quick weekend escape. A couple of weekends ago, Hamish and I packed our bags and headed north for a weekend for walking, exploring and eating. I thought I’d share some of the highlights from the weekend, before sharing a few more in-depth posts. So sit back, grab a cuppa and enjoy my Postcards from North Norfolk.

Postcards from North Norfolk - Walsingham


Postcards from North Norfolk - Walsingham

We stayed in Reeds Barn (more on this soon) historic Walsingham, a village packed full of quintessential charm and interesting architecture. The village was built around Walsingham Abbey, which is now a pilgrimage site and famed for its snowdrop walks come February.

Walsingham Abbey 

Originally the abbey was a medieval pilgrimage site and a refuge for those in need. Now just the ruins remain, it well-known in Norfolk for its spectacular snowdrop walks in the winter and incredible wildflowers in the summer too. More on this coming soon…

Postcards from north Norfolk - Walsingham Abbey

Walsingham Abbey

Walsingham Abbey

Walsingham Abbey

The Norfolk Riddle

Armed with torches, Hamish and I walked down country lanes from Reeds Barn to The Norfolk Riddle for dinner. This is a small, but well-known restaurant, the food is all soured locally and it was quite frankly spectacular. I have to say one of the many great things about Norfolk is the variety of food on the doorstep!

The Norfolk Riddle Mussels

The Norfolk Riddle Sea Bass

The Norfolk Riddle Dessert

Burnham Market

This is one of the most affluent villages in Norfolk, think over one million pounds for a small two bedroom cottage with no garden! Hamish and I came here on the Sunday for a wander around and roast at The Hoste. Unfortunately a lot of the smaller shops were closed but it was pleasant enough just walking and looking at the architecture. We grabbed a drink at the local farm shop and sat outside people watching, which was rather entertaining. Posh people have the most hilarious conversations and problems.

Postcards from North Norfolk - Burnham Market

Postcards from North Norfolk - Burnham Market

The Hoste at Burnham Market

The Hoste is known for its roast dinners in Norfolk and Hamish and I wanted to tick it off our list of places to eat. Unfortunately it was somewhat underwhelming. The food was lovely, but still average in terms of roast dinners; nicer than you could cook at home, but certainly nowhere near the best we’ve had. The thing that ruined it for us was the snobbery of the place, we were constantly looked down on throughout our whole meal. In fact it’s something we experienced the whole time we were in Burnham Market. With that level of snobbery you’d expect the food to be outstanding and it just didn’t match it.

Postcards from North Norfolk - The Hoste at Burnham Market

After the disappointment of Burnham Market, with our bellies so full we could barely move, we decided to head home. We had planned on going for a beach walk but laying on the sofa was what we needed!

All in all we had a wonderful weekend and were lucky enough to explore some new and wonderful places. I have to say you really can’t beat a staycation in Norfolk.




  1. 7th March 2017 / 17:50

    Oh wow this is my idea of a perfect weekend. I really want to spend a long weekend (I have my eye on the Cley Windmill) but I think my family in Norwich might get offended if we don’t stay with them as usual!

    • ShelleyBeth
      7th March 2017 / 18:55

      Could you manage a week away, stay with them in the week and disappear off before heading home? There are too many cute place to stay in Norfolk!

  2. 8th March 2017 / 01:13

    I love exploring the UK! Just a week ago hubby and I were in Stratford-upon-Avon and a few little cute villages in Cotswolds. So many gorgeous places, cities, villages to see and enjoy! So thanks for sharing one more location I will definitely add to my must-visit, lovely. The photos look beautiful <3
    xox Nadia

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