Postcards From Split Croatia

Hop on a plane for just over two hours and you can land in an affordable, historic and beautiful city by the sea. ┬áIt’s late September and the temperatures are hot, yet bareable, the days are long and bright and the evening creeps in with a beautiful sunset. Welcome to Split Croatia.

Split, Croatia

Sunset over Hvar

From historic adventures in the old town

Diocletians Palace, Split

To pretending to be Daenerys Targaryen upon Klis Fortress

Kils Fortress

To Relaxing on the Beach,

Split Beaches

Or Hiking Up Hills,

Split, Croatia

Going Island hopping,

A view from Hvar

Or taking a Sea Kyacking Adventure

Sea Kayaking, split

There’s something for everyone and every type of break you could imagine.

Split now holds a very special place in my heart, full of fond memories that I don’t want to forget.

…And that’s not to mention the delicious cuisine.

A Seafood Feast on Hvar

More from Split soon.



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